Andretta Smothers Biography, Instagram Star, Gervonta Davis Wife

Andretta Smothers, who hails from Baltimore (Maryland, United States), is a professional social media personality and influencer. Andretta was born on October 20, 1994. Representing African-American ethnicity, Andretta is a huge believer of Lord Jesus. Her zodiac sign is Libra. Many people around the world know Andretta Smothers as the girlfriend of professional American boxer Gervonta Davis. Her age is 28 years.

Physical States of Andretta Smothers

Andretta Smothers’ height is 5 feet and 6 inches tall. Her body weight is 65 kg. Andretta beautiful body measures around 34-28-34 inches. Hence, the breast size of Andretta is 34C. She wears the shoe size of 8 (US), and the dress size of 6 (US). Andretta’s black eyes and hair make her as good as an apple pie. Andretta Smothers has put tattoos on her body – and she is indeed a big fan of it.  

Andretta Smothers Early Life and Education 

Born to Joshua and Rachel Smothers, Andretta spent most of her childhood in Baltimore. Her brother younger James works as a hotel management professional. Andretta’s father and mother came from a very humble background. She indeed had to battle for her need as a child. Smothers does her schooling from Baltimore County Public Schools. She has earned a degree in management degree from Baltimore Leadership School. Andretta was always a bright student in academics and does her best to earn her level in studies. 

Andretta Smothers: love relationship with Gervonta Davis

Gervonta Davis Family

Gervonta Davis stated her relationship with Smothers in 2015. In April 2018, the lovely couple welcomed a baby girl. A year later, Andretta faced a lot of challenges as Gervonta Davis hurt her a lot. During a boxing match, Gervonta grabbed the vocal gland of Andretta and welcomed the Police to investigate the incident. Indeed, the shocking incident attracted much bad publicity towards his public profile. Andretta acted like a smart lady and gave her partner another chance. It shows how much does Andretta loves Gervonta.   

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Professional Career Andretta Smothers    

Andretta Smothers does not work for any organization. She is indeed an independent lady and does work as a social media influencer and personality. Andretta attracts her business from social media. Indeed, she is using her smart brain to help herself and many needful people around the world. Gervonta Davis is very much famous and does help her to build a great profile. It shows the love connection between both. 

Social Media 

Smothers is huge on social media, with over 67k followers on Instagram. She also uses her other SM networks very well for making a huge profile. 

Net Worth

Smothers is not in millions. However, her partner is a rich man and has done a great job financially. 

Boyfriend Gervonta Davis

Gervonta Davis is a world-famous professional boxer who hails from Baltimore, Maryland, US. Gervonta is famous for knocking out his opponent. His power in the lightweight division is at another level. The fight fans like knockout artists. Hence, his profile is very much big. Floyd Mayweather is his promoter and does do his level best to make Gervonta bigger and better. 


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