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One of the main protagonists in the Date A Live series is Miku Izayoi, a Spirit and idol. In Date A Live II and Volume 6, she is introduced as a foe. She initially appeared in the physical universe in March and enrolled at Rindji Girls’ Academy in April. She is also a very well-known and well-liked idol singer. Her secret alias is Diva. She is the series’ sixth Spirit to make an appearance. When Shido and Tohka first met, she was a human who later attained the abilities of a Spirit. In the Japanese and English versions of the anime, respectively, she is voiced by Jad Saxton and Minori Chihara.

Appearance: Miku Izayoi

Without a doubt, Miku Izayoi is a stunning idol with a full bust, a curvy figure, and flawless skin that has never needed any maintenance. She has indigo eyes and bluish-purple hair. The majority of her astral dress is yellow, with blue and white ruffles covering some of it. She has a flower petal attached to the curved ends of a yellow moon hair clip. The moon-shaped hair clip is surrounded by white petals and flowers. A white lily-adorned choker is around her neck. She wears the same yellow flower petal hair clip that she uses when donning her astral dress to school, along with a deep blue sailor outfit.

Personality: Miku Izayoi

Miku transferred to Rindouji All-Girls Private Academy because she has a strong hatred for men and views girls as servants deserving of her service. Due to false accusations of scandals made against her in the past by former fans (mostly men), she lost her voice under the pressure and came dangerously close to committing suicide. She initially had a low opinion of women as well, considering them to be at best replaceable servants who should be content to die for her. Even Shido was willing to admit that he despised her because of how cold she was.

Miku Izayoi
Class of Miku Izayoi

She is very flirtatious, and she is blunt about it, both before and after warming up to Shido. Miku expresses this to most women who fit her type. She doesn’t hold back once she starts to like Shido; in fact, she almost actively encourages flirting with both him and the other Spirits. She also has no problem with Shido having a harem. Miku no longer exhibits her previous haughtiness toward men, but she still prefers to be around her female fans more. She also no longer views women as servants, and when she was sealed, she essentially relinquished her ability to exert control over others. She currently has a very childlike personality, according to Shido.

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Power and Abilities: Miku Izayoi

As demonstrated in the final chapter of volume 6 where she hypnotised Yoshino, the Yamai sisters, and the audience, Miku’s “Angel” manifests as an organ that can be used to hypnotise individuals. She is said to be unable to hypnotise spirits on a regular basis because when she failed to hypnotise Shido, she speculated that he might be a spirit similar to her. However, it should be noted that she had no trouble in commanding the Spirits Shido had already sealed. Miku can also fight by using her voice, as she demonstrated in chapter 1 of volume 6 when she used a sonic wave to attack Shido. She used her abilities to forge a shield in volume 7 to shield Shido from Tohka.


Miku is an idol and a spirit. She despises men so much that Shido had to dress as a woman to talk to her. Gabriel, her angel, is capable of brainwashing and manipulating others. She became intrigued by the undercover Shido because he was immune to her hypnotic charms and challenged him to a game in which the loser would be forced to relocate to Rindouji. Who would be able to claim the title of being the best school was the challenge? The best school award went to Raizen High School despite a singing competition Miku later won, which prompted Miku to call upon her Angel Gabriel and attack Shido.

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