A Guide to Reselling Your PS4

The Sony Playstation 4 is one of the most successful consoles in video game history, selling over 116 million units in its seven-year lifespan. But with the release of the latest generation of consoles, including the competitively-priced Playstation 5, many PS4 owners are looking to subsidize their new console purchase with the sale of the old. But how should you go about selling your PS4

Reset Your PS4 to Factory Conditions

In order to get your PS4 sale-ready, you will need to return it to factory settings. But before you completely wipe your PS4’s memory, you should take the time to back up any information on its hard drive. If you have PS Plus, you can upload your saved data for all of your installed games to the cloud, allowing you to pick up where you left off in the future. You can also use a FAT-formatted external hard drive to store any downloaded games or media content such as screenshots and gameplay captures.

With your data safely backed up, you can now wipe your PS4. Go to Initialisation in the Settings menu, and select “Initialise PS4”. Follow the instructions on-screen – make sure you select “full” initialization in order to completely wipe data and settings and return your PS4 to factory condition.

Clean Your PS4

Before you begin the selling process for your PS4, take some time to give it a clean. Dust accumulates quickly and easily around the fan intake ports, and the plastic can hold smudges from handling and fingerprints visibly, so a careful wipe with a cloth and some cleaning spray can have your PS4 looking good as new. 

Older PS4 models are more likely to have a cooling fan caked in dust, making for the infamous “jet engine” sound familiar to base PS4 users. Getting in to clean out the fan is as simple as sourcing a security Torx screwdriver, removing three screws from behind stickers on the rear of the console, popping the plastic cover off, and blowing the fan with a can of compressed air. Doing this could extend the life of the console, and add a little more to your resale price.

Decide on How to Sell

At last, you are ready for sale – and the last question you should be asking yourself is “how shall I sell my Sony Playstation?” Even with the relative ubiquity of the PS4 console, the resale market is strong, all but guaranteeing the sale of your console whichever way you choose. Online auction sites such as eBay are a popular choice – but so too are community second-hand platforms like Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace, which can put you in touch with local buyers. Whichever way you sell, make sure to get clear pictures of the console from several angles, and picture proof that it turns on. If you find yourself struggling for interest in second-hand markets, or your PS4 is defective and as a result difficult to sell, tech recycling services can offer a quote and a guaranteed quick sale.

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