9 indoor plants that improve your health and wellness

Indoor plants are complex little universes of their own. Some people might think of them as a decorative item or the same as a piece of furniture, they can be so much more than that!

You can exist with your indoor plants in a friendly, symbiotic relationship. You look after them, they look after you!

Beyond pure aesthetics, there are bountiful benefits of indoor plants. We will look into the best indoor plants for health and wellbeing.

So climb aboard, let’s check out the best healthy plants!

  1. Calathea Medallion

A magnificent wine-colored purple and vibrant green, the Calathea Medallion is known for being a great air-purifier.

Working to filter toxins from the air, it makes a very welcome addition to any indoor space and is a firm part of the healthy plant’s gang!

Popular as a bedroom plant, this gorgeous plant will work to keep your air clean and may help you to have a more peaceful sleep.

  1. Green Sweetheart Plant

Affordable, cheerful, and with an impressively long life, this adorably named Green                       Sweetheart Plant will do wonders for your wellbeing as it winds around your indoor spaces.

A voracious grower, this plant is a great way to get a lot of verdant plant life in your indoor spaces if you’re on a budget.

Also great if you are a sufferer of respiratory issues, this plant helps purify the air.

  1. Large Green Wonder

It’s in the name really, this plant is an absolute show-stopper. A Philodendron ideal for a roomier space, this plant is going to make you feel relaxed by just looking at it!

Some benefits of indoor plants such as Philendrons include: helping to trap dust from the air, being an effective air purifier, and even helping you to feel calm and focused.

What more could you ask for from an indoor plant? The Large Green wonder is definitely up there with the best indoor plants for health.

  1. Aralia Fabian

This sprightly little tree is wonderful for boosting humidity in your home, as it releases 97% of the water you feed it back into the air. Combatting dry air is good for your chest and skin!

Breathe deeply and freely when this green guy’s around, as the Aralia Fabian is known to clean your air of harmful toxins such as carbon dioxide and formaldehyde.

  1. Snake Plant Laurentii

Also called Mother in Law’s Tongue (which always makes us giggle) the Laurentii is considered by NASA to be one of the best indoor plants for purifying the air.

When you’re meditating or practicing yoga at home, you’ll know you can breathe deeply with the Laurentii around.

Deep breathing has been proven to be beneficial for reducing stress and creating feelings of calm.

Having a Snake Plant Laurentii around at home may make you more inclined to intentionally breathe deeply as you’re safe in the knowledge you’ll be breathing pure air.

  1. Philodendron Birkin ‘White Wave’

Gorgeous to behold, this unique plant has a loose fractal pattern on its broad leaves.

Studies have shown that fractal patterns, regularly found in nature, have been linked to a reduction of physiological stress.  

Looking at those exquisite patterns relaxes our minds and helps us to regulate stress in our lives.

  1. Anthurium Jungle King

This great corker of a plant hails from the tropics of South America and provides a huge burst of calm-inducing green into your indoor space.

Research shows that individuals who live around copious green foliage have reduced stress levels and greater ‘mental restoration’.

The Anthurium would add an explosion of green to your space and provide these health and wellness benefits.

  1. Philodendron Imperial Green

Another impressive green beauty, this waxy leafed number does its bit for the air purity in your home, collecting dust and filtering toxins.

Feel the calm descend over you as you enjoy the deep saturated green and purifying benefits.

  1. Calathea Plant

With the funkiest of zebra-Esque leaves, this plant will add the classic Calathea effect to your indoor space: fantastic air-purifying and humidifying qualities, making your air clean and moist.

As well as these health benefits, this groovy plant will contribute to the aliveness and alertness of how you feel in your room!

In a nutshell: plants are magic!

We’ve taken you on a brief dip into the benefits of indoor plants for your health and wellbeing. Calming, stress-reducing, air-purifying, alerting, and livening, this list of the best indoor plants for health is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the magic of healthy plants! Start filling your space with leafy green friends and you will feel the difference.

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