7 Tips For Preventing Water Damage

Water damage is a common occurrence for homeowners, but it is a pricey repair. It can create plumbing issues, damage the appliances, rot the furniture, and cause serious structural losses. If these issues are not resolved, the property could also face problems like mold and the birth of termites. Every year, almost 24% of insurance claims are made by homeowners to deal with water damage, suggesting how frequent it happens with everyone. The good news is that there are many ways to protect your property from water damage. Follow simple tips, save yourself from facing expensive procedures, and keep your home safe.

Monitor the Main Water Supply

You and everyone at the house should know where the main water supply is. Sometimes, it is the main source of leakage. The broken hose or burst pipe can cause instant flooding that can also cause electrocution. In case of water leaks or bursts, the easiest thing to do is turn off your main supply. It minimizes the flooding, thus the water damage. If you are away for even a couple of days, remember to shut down the main supply. Knowing where, how, and when to shut the main supply can save a lot of money and time in any major or minor water leak.

Clean Downspouts and Gutters

Your gutters should be clean from debris like leaves, wrappers, or other things. They block the drainage systems, causing the water to stagnant and overflow in unwanted house areas. Also, stagnant water can create damps and develop mold that eventually starts damaging the gutters. It is important to check the downspouts also for any trapped things. If they are blocked, they can damage the roof and walls. Here, install 90-degree elbows and make sure that they carry the water more than 2 feet away from the house. It is advised to conduct the proper cleaning by yourself or with the help of a professional every couple of months and more during rainy seasons. 

Regularly Check the Appliances

Many appliances at home run on the water, like air and room conditioners, refrigerators, and water heaters. Commonly, many of us forget to check on these appliances for any water leakages. You must check them every week as they are the biggest threat to appliance functionality. Also, when they leak, the water starts to accumulate. The uncleaned space here can give birth to mold, bad odor and starts rotting the walls, floors, and furniture placed on or nearby. You can also consult a Water Damage Advisor who can help you know the causes and sources of leaks. These professionals also help to clean up the home after the water disaster.

Examine Sinks and Pipes

Clogged drains and sinks are common plumbing issues that can be fixed by homeowners easily by taking some steps. Washroom and kitchen sinks and drains are mud, grease, and other dirt storage units. Instead of the common assumption, they do not wash away easily with hot water, tea/coffee, or vinegar. To avoid these problems, you must use filters in the kitchen and put them in the trash instead of washing them away in the drain. The overflowing drains must be checked and cleaned instantly with the help of professionals. You must check the sinks and pipes too for any leakage to repair them timely.

Use Leak Detectors

Leak detection devices are expensive but can save property owners from damages. They are installed on water supply pumps and valves. They are very helpful if you are not available at the property. They detect any leaks or overflows and immediately shut off the supply valve. The technology detects any moisture or small leaks that are not visible. You can use many detectors with different features. Such as working on Wi-Fi, sensing the temperatures, smart home integrations, and making alarm sounds when detecting something. The leak detectors can be installed on washing machines, heaters, and main supply pumps.

Fix Caulks and Windows

It is the easiest DIY thing to prevent water from seeping and rainwater. Buy some tubes and fix them around the caulks and windows of your house. It is preferred to fix the tubes on areas where signs of molds, crumbly wall paint, or termite activity can be seen. The doors and windows must be sealed properly to prevent water from entering. The seepage can damage the window frames, wall plasters, and more. It is advised to caulk your house as soon you shift into a new place and change the used tubes yearly. You must check the caulking occasionally, especially at the top of windows, where water is usually stored but overlooked.

Monitor Your Water Bills

The plumbing experts believe that if homeowners fix their water leaks, 10% of their water bill can be decreased. You can check the amount on your bills and compare your usage. It can be done by checking how frequently your cars are washed, how much is going into swimming pools, how many people use water at home, and more. It helps in determining the actual use of water and potential leaks. It is important to check the bills every month to determine any huge changes and the water pressures.

Final Thoughts

Water damage prevention requires analyzing things both inside and outside the home structure. You need to check leaks and drains everywhere and do it frequently. Knowing the cause of water leaks is essential in reducing them, which is key to preventing damages. Any water leak can be managed and mitigated with these preventive measures. However, it is necessary to ask a professional’s help to protect your property from damages.

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