6 Ways to Reward Employees for Good Attendance

Poor employee attendance can severely hurt the productivity of an organization while impacting the overall performance. This tendency can be improved with appropriate recognition and award programs.

Several monetary and non-monetary recognition programs can be arranged to encourage employees. Here we will discuss six creative and effective methods to reward employees for good attendance.

Paid Vacation Days

Employees with regular attendance give their best to achieve organizational goals within the deadline. As a token of appreciation, the company can offer them paid vacation leave after the end of each term.

It allows employees to get properly recharged after completing a project and spend quality time with their close ones. Afterward, when they get back to work, they will feel encouraged to accomplish their next task properly within the allotted time.

Additionally, this recognition program will encourage irregular employees to regularly rearrange their priorities and attend to their workplaces. Also, this program will give the employees something to look forward to after maintaining their good attendance.

The strength of this program is it encourages employees to have a healthy work-life balance. As a result, they are less absent from their work and enjoy the company of their family and friends properly. Another important step to improve the productivity of employees is by having a company wellness program in place.

Serving Breakfast Once a Month

If an organization wants its employees to start early in the morning, serving a themed breakfast can be quite helpful. In this gathering, all the employees reached within proper office time would share their views and ideas with the top management and enjoy having a proper meal before start working.

Organizations can arrange this program once a month on a set day. It is also possible to serve breakfast to employees more frequently on random days.

The upside of this program is that it will allow your employees with good attendance to realize the parks of coming in early. Besides, other employees would like to get onto this opportunity and start working earlier in the morning.

Exchange Vacation Days with Small Appreciation Tokens

Employees who take fewer vacation days can be rewarded by exchanging their vacation days for rewards. Organizations can offer company merchandise, self-care merchandise, gift cards, books, lunch vouchers, etc., to employees in exchange for their vacation time.

This may increase company apparel costs but encourage employees to take fewer leaves from work. If the organization can generate a proper system and arrange rewards appealing to the employees, this system can hugely reduce productivity loss.

Add Remaining Vacation Days in the Next Term

If the organization doesn’t want to spend dimes on reward merchandise, it can offer employees to use their remaining vacation days in the next term. 

In this policy, regular employees get to enjoy additional vacation time that they did not utilize in the previous year. Thus, they can get more leave whenever any emergency appears. 

The upside of this program is that organizations don’t need to pay extra money for rewarding regular employees. Also, employees will be eager to save their vacation days to utilize whenever it is necessary.

On the other hand, this program can cause some problems before and after holidays. Employees eligible for extended leave may want to utilize their vacation time during that time. It may cause the organization to be less productive during those times.

Assign Regular Employees in Leadership Roles

Regular employees tend to accomplish their tasks within the deadline and have a great work ethic. Assigning them leadership roles can be very fruitful for the company. 

With regular employees in the leadership roles, their team members will be encouraged to follow as an example. It will positively impact the overall production of the organization.

The upside of this program is it creates examples that other employees can follow and rewards regular employees for their punctuality. 

However, a regular employee may not be perfectly fit for leadership roles. Managers will need to be careful during rewarding employees in leadership roles.

Have a Public Recognition Initiative 

Organizations need to create examples for employees to follow the organizational rules. Recognizing employees publicly for their regularity can be very helpful in encouraging others.

Companies can dedicate a break room board or a forum to recognize their regular employees. Here regular employees will be mentioned by their name and designation. If the budget allows, organizations can distribute medals or plaques to commemorate this occasion.

This program will boost employee morale, and other employees will be inspired to follow their examples.

However, some employees may not be comfortable with public recognition. Managers should take note of it and reward the employee accordingly.

Bottom Line

Organizational cultures have changed a lot over time. In the past, penalties and punishment were implemented to encourage employees to be regular, which doesn’t work anymore. Now, meaningful recognition and incentives can inspire employees to do better.

Organizations should invest in cloud-based time and attendance software to keep track of appropriate data. It will allow companies to achieve better performance in overall productivity. 

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