6 Tips for Choosing an OB-GYN Who’s Right for You

Mothers often begin to prepare for their baby’s arrival by buying clothes and plushies, choosing nursery colors, and shortlisting names. However, perhaps the most crucial part of preparing for childbirth is choosing the right gynecologist. Your journey to motherhood begins with choosing an obstetrics and gynecology (OB/GYN) doctor.

There may be a particular OB/GYN in mind before getting pregnant (or starting to try). It’s probably best to stick with them if that’s the case. In other cases, if you do not already have a healthcare provider you feel comfortable with, you will need to find one immediately so your prenatal care can begin.

So how do you choose the right professional for your baby and yourself? You should take this decision seriously, as it affects your life in a very profound way. However, to help you along, here are a few tips:


You should ask your doctor for recommendations for the best OB-GYN. Due to their professional connections, they can refer patients to a wider network of medical professionals. Despite that, don’t disregard suggestions from family and friends, as they may have insight as patients rather than doctors. Also, it doesn’t hurt to do some research on your own to look up doctors’ credentials and experience.

Similarly, you should also check the doctor’s track record to know whether they deliver safely or have a lot of birth injuries on record. Keep in mind that if your child receives a birth injury, they will face lifelong consequences. Even though you can always seek birth injury legal help, it’s better to take precautions as much as possible. Therefore, always go for a doctor who has a safe track record. After you’ve narrowed down your list, set up an appointment with your selected obstetrician-gynecologist. Make sure to ask about their work, the procedures they perform, and their qualifications to paint a better picture.

Expenses and insurance policy

Check your insurance policy first to determine what healthcare providers and birthing options you have access to and which are the most affordable. The information can be obtained either directly from the insurance company or by visiting their website. If you do this first, you are more likely to find providers who accept your insurance. This way, you won’t have to bear the expenses alone.

Check the credentials of your obstetrician/gynecologist

Certification by a board is essential when considering any doctor for any kind of service. They are evidence that the said medical professional has the necessary training, expertise, and experience to provide adequate services to their patients, in this case, gynecological and obstetric care. They also serve as proof that there is no malpractice in the doctors’ past or any kind of activity that would throw suspicion on their skills. You can easily find the credentials available in hospital records and official, legal state websites.

Amount of Experience

Experience plays a major role. When it comes to high-risk pregnancies or any other gynecologic issues, experience is crucial. Usually, the more experience the doctor has, the more likely they are to tackle the problem correctly without endangering the patient. Besides, a point to consider is that some Ob/Gyn focus on different aspects of gynecology or purely divert their energy to obstetrics.

If you are interviewing a doctor, you should ask the number of patients the doctor has treated with a condition similar if not identical to your own. If there is a special treatment involved or a surgery. Ask if they’ve performed it personally and if they were any complications or risks in accepting the treatment.


Now your comfort is important, especially when appointments require medical inspection. For this, the Ob/Gyn’s gender is often the first thing women consider. Usually, they prefer women to examine or share personal information. There is a greater likelihood that they will discuss their problems openly. That being said, the experience still trumps gender. If there is a male Ob/Gyn’s with 20 years of experience and a female Ob/Gyn with five years, choose the former. He would be the better, safer choice.

Don’t limit yourself to giving yourself the best healthcare because of gender. Doctors are professionals, and they have studied the human body. So there is no need to be ashamed or awkward.

Hospital Quality

The hospital you would be familiar with is your doctor’s hospital. And no doubt you’ve chosen that because it is the closest to your home or most convenient to you in every regard. So your main task is to observe the quality of the gynecology department and if they provide or fulfill all the tips mentioned above.

Hospital staffs are usually well polished. Plus, it will be a familiar place for you, instead of going out and looking for other options. One that may not be as convenient. Since trips to the hospital are frequent during pregnancy and thus, expensive.

Communication Style

Find an Ob/Gyn that puts you at ease. In whom you have complete faith. During your interview, observe how they respond to your questions. See if they show interest in getting to know you and that they listen to your requirements or demands and are open to suggestions.

Final Words!

Making sure you have a comfortable pregnancy, quality prenatal care, and a great delivery experience requires finding a good obstetrician/gynecologist. Excellent care is available from a wide range of healthcare professionals. It’s all about how you feel! You have started a new chapter in your life as a mother! Congratulations!

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