6 Things To Consider Before Buying A Bathtub

Are you all set to decorate your new bathroom or looking for bathroom renovation? No matter what your goal is, a gorgeous bathroom needs colour and depth. The bathtub plays an important role in bathroom decoration. By considering six things, you can pick the right bathtubs online.


When you are thinking about bathtubs, there are a couple of styles that you may consider, such as freestanding, regular, oval, angled, clawfoot, alcove, etc.

  • Freestanding

Freestanding is perhaps the most popular style that can be easily fitted in any space. For this type of bathtub, you don’t need to install connecting walls. Also, they can offer a livelier centrepiece that can enhance the aesthetic beauty of your bathroom.

  • Regular

This regular style came into existence in the early 1800s. This classic style is always popular. It looks good in almost every type of bathroom. It looked like traditional designs in its earlier stage, but it has become more polished and aesthetically appealing with time advancement.

  • Oval

This particular type of bathtub is round and symmetrical and looks like a water basin. Apartment residents prefer this style the most. It is suitable for small homeowners as well. However, these bathtubs have a modish look that can complement the sharper corners and edges of the rest of your bathroom.

  • Angled

If you want a different style, an angle can be the best bet for you. This kind of bathtub is slopped higher on one side to support your back and neck during the bath. It is flexible in size and equal to the size of an oval bathtub.

  • Clawfoot

Clawfoot is a traditional bathtub style, which belongs to a freestanding type. This design was first used in the early Victorian era. This Victorian style has gone through many modifications, and today it has become a popular style.

  • Alcove

Alcove or recessed tubs need connecting walls to be installed. It is best suited for apartments as they don’t take much space and can be connected to a shower combo without hassle.


A variety of bathtub materials is available in the market. For choosing a suitable material, you need to think about your price and comfort. Every material is different from the others; that’s why you should find out which one is most comfortable. Comfort is of immense importance as you need to spend a significant time in your bathtub. Some popular materials are fibreglass, porcelain, acrylic, ceramic, cultured marble, copper, etc.


Another vital fact to consider is the size of your bathtub. Size is a critical fact as your home may not need a large bathtub, or it does not have enough space for a larger one. Therefore, whenever buying a bathtub, you should not forget to consider the size. If you buy a larger one and later find your space too small to accommodate it, your money would be wasted.

Installation Process

Everyone looks for a bathtub that can be installed easily. So always buy a bathtub that can be installed without any hassle.


Before buying bathtubs online, considering your budget will be a wise decision. Once you determine the budget, you can look for bathtubs that come within your budget. This way, you can save time.

Life style

Every corner of a house reflects the lifestyle of the homeowner. Therefore, you should choose a bathtub that can reflect your lifestyle in the best possible way.

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