6 Reasons Your Older Relative Might Actually Enjoy Residential Care Over Living Alone

Many people are reluctant to raise the topic of residential care with their elderly relatives. They assume they’ll be opposed to the idea or worry that they won’t like living in such a facility. However, the reality is that residential care offers a huge number of benefits to seniors, and the majority of residents actually prefer being there to living alone. Here are six reasons why.

1. They’ll have assistance with daily tasks

As you get older, certain activities become more of a challenge. That includes tasks such as cleaning the house, doing the laundry, cooking dinner, and so on. In residential care, all of those concerns are taken care of for you. That means residents can simply focus on enjoying themselves, and you can rest assured your older relative will be eating a healthy diet and not struggling with personal hygiene issues.

2. They’ll have access to fantastic facilities

The best residential care homes provide their residents with a wide range of amazing facilities to use. As an example, the luxurious Signature care homes offer restaurants, cafes, lounge areas, libraries, spas, therapy rooms, gardens, cinema rooms, and much more. This ensures that your older relative can live a happy and fulfilling life engaging in the types of activities they love the most (which they couldn’t do in their own home).

3. They’ll meet new people 

Social isolation and loneliness are among the biggest concerns facing the elderly today. This is a particular concern for those who live alone, especially if they have health concerns that make it difficult for them to get out and about. In residential care, on the other hand, they’ll be surrounded by other people in their age group and have plenty of opportunities to make new friends. This is vital for both physical and mental wellbeing.

4. They’ll participate in fun activities

Most good-quality residential care homes run a packed schedule of activities for their residents. For instance, this could include arts and crafts workshops, exercise classes specially designed for the elderly, entertainment nights, and day trips to local places of interest. This is far more enjoyable than sitting at home alone and also helps your older relative’s cognitive powers to stay sharp by keeping their mind active and engaged. They might even pick up a new hobby!

5. They’ll feel safe and supported

Even if your relative doesn’t have any particular medical concerns, living alone can be a risk. They might suffer a fall or fall victim to a scam. In residential care, there will always be a staff member nearby to keep an eye on your loved one and ensure that they are both safe and happy. Plus, the buildings are specifically designed for elderly residents, so they don’t need to worry about having to navigate steep stairs.

6. They’ll receive the medical care they require

As people get older, they inevitably require a greater level of medical care. When they live alone, your relative might worry about how best to look after themselves, forgetting to take their medication, and other similar concerns. In residential care, all of that is taken care of, giving both them and you greater peace of mind.

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