5 Ways to Protect Your Home While Traveling

Vacations are meant to be all about taking a break from your everyday life and just relaxing. That said, traveling means that you’ll have to leave your home unattended, and that creates a lot of worry and stress.

That is why knowing that your house and belongings are safe and secure while you’re away, gives you peace of mind for you to fully unwind. Most of you look forward to vacation after months of planning, and perhaps it’s the only opportunity to enjoy a couple of stress-free days.

Here are 5 ways you can protect your home while traveling to enjoy your perfect vacation!

Invest in Smart Home Security Devices

If you feel it’s too expensive to subscribe to a home security plan, you can consider making your home safer by investing in smart home security devices.

When talking about smart home security devices, smart door locks, smart doorbells, motion sensors, and smart cameras are the most common devices people purchase. All these devices can be accessed remotely, from anywhere around the world.

Choose devices that are Wi-Fi enabled, as this is what makes them accessible remotely. Today most smart home devices are DIY, so you might not even need any professional help to install them.

Moreover, these devices are a long-term investment, as they will always come in handy no matter what year it is. In fact, with time, more advanced smart home technology is being introduced which may have you wanting to upgrade your device.

You can consider looking up first energy home for all the amazing types of smart homes security devices they have.

Purchase Smart Light Bulbs

The biggest advantage of having smart light bulbs is that you can set timers on them to make it look like someone’s home when in reality, you’re away. It is by far the most obvious indicator that your home is not empty.

That said, if you’re planning on being away for a good couple of days, or if luck’s with you, a few months at one go, having your light on during the entire duration of your vacation will not only impact your electricity bill but also poses a fire risk.

Smart lights are one of the perfect cost-effective ways to enhance the security of your home while you’re not around. You can set them on timers, and they will turn on automatically. Moreover, you can set a couple of smart light bulbs within your home, so it appears that all floors or certain rooms in your home are occupied.

Be Mindful of Your Binds and Curtains

While you might be tempted to close all the blinds and curtains in your home before leaving to avoid having people peeing inside, it’s highly unlikely anyone would do this. In fact, this can draw in more attention while you’re away, thus it’s important to put in a calculated effort for this action.

The one thing we’ll be repeating is how to generate the impression that your home is occupied at all times. Therefore, you should consider leaving your blinds and curtains in a position that is similar to how you would leave them on a normal day.

If you usually keep your blinds and curtains closed the entire day, keep them the same while you’re away. However, if you keep them open more, keep making them keep them open even if you’re away for a longer time.

Keep a Car in Your Driveway

Unless you’ll be using your car for your vacation, leaving it parked in your driveway is another great option for enhancing your home’s security while you’re away. It’s all about creating the impression that someone’s home.

This is important if you’re not around, and by parking a car in the driveway, you’ll successfully create the illusion of being home. The obvious problem here is that you might be planning to use the car for your vacation.

If that’s the case, you could ask your neighbor or a friend who stays nearby if they could park their car in your driveway when you’re away. You could bribe them with a free car wash when you’re back.

Remove Your Spare Key

We’re certain you must have thought of a really clever and unique place to hide your spare key. We just hope it’s not underneath a flower pot, below a rock, or above the door frame. And, why is that so?

Well, a seasoned criminal will always search these places for your spare key. In fact, they will search long and hard until they eventually find it. In order to avoid such a situation, remove the spare key from wherever you’ve placed it, and pass it to a neighbor or friend for safekeeping.


Vacations should be all about fun and relaxing, but constantly being worried about the safety of your home will ruin your vacation. We hope you will keep the above tips in mind when thinking of traveling so that you have peace of mind.

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