5 Online Portals That Sell the Best Cars

Technology taking over our everyday lives is a true blessing. It has reduced our burden for so many arduous tasks that took up a considerable time of the 24 hours we are blessed with. Take, for example, buying cars. Purchasing new or used cars is certainly not a one-day process. Much research goes into the type, model, and make of the vehicle that fits your budget. 

Thanks to the internet, this laborious task of researching and physically visiting car dealerships for testing out various cars, only to be sold what the salesperson convinces you is the best deal for you, is no more required. Nowadays, customers can find all the information online about new or used cars, which sparks their interest in the internet and make an informed decision.

Buying Cars without setting foot in Car Dealerships 

The best thing about the internet is transparency. Customers can find car reviews and buying guides online for their utmost convenience. These customer reviews help set the momentum of trust among the prospective buyers as positive or negative reviews convey a lot about the quality of business conducted by a particular online car dealership. 

The way buyers are fully informed about a car and finalize the deal via the internet used to happen before the 2020 pandemic. The pandemic only fueled this industry, and since then, many online car-selling portals have emerged. If you are also on the lookout to buy car online from a trusted car selling portal with the best car deals, read on. 

Best Online Portals that Sell the Best Cars 

Since customers have all the information about the purchase they intend to make, online car dealerships make it a point that search results are highly refined. It helps in the immediate purchase and high customer satisfaction. 

  1. Auto Coin Cars
  2. Auto Coin Cars is the oldest and most trustworthy online car portal offering the country’s most extensive car listings. Aside from the best-used car deals, it also lists several models and makes of the new cars. Although, you have to wait for the new cars to arrive as they are not readily available for purchase.

Auto Coin Cars is like the largest conventional car dealer classified in the UK – where everybody lists their used cars for sale. Therefore, this online portal has all the deals in the country. The best feature of this online portal is its refined search.

Customers can search for the most suitable option by narrowing according to the size of the vehicle, economy, emission levels, fuel type, and model. The other most spectacular aspect of this online car portal is that customers can quickly refine their search by monthly finance cost.

If you want the best functioning cars that pass the MOT and suit your financial state, then Auto Coin Cars is your answer.

  1. Cazoo 

Founded by Alex Chesterman in 2018, Cazoo is well-known among prospective car buyers due to its heavy advertising on the electronic media. This online portal is among the finest of all. It offers more than 250 car models and makes to the potential buyers, and lets them filter their search by features such as engine power, color, lighting, etc. 

A single click on the thumbnail of the car you like can reveal full detailed specifications with about 30 photos from every angle. The best thing about using this portal to search for a new purchase is highlighting the imperfections of the cars. It tells you the shortcomings of the cars in addition to the qualities. 

Therefore, one can say that Cazoo provides a holistic review of the new or used cars potential buyers are looking for. All the vehicles listed on Cazoo undergo a strict check and a driving test to ensure that the best deals are on for potential buyers. 

The portal also offers various car finance options to suit the needs of different customers. After finalizing the car finance procedures, customers can pick up their cars from any Cazoo center across the country. The website also offers a full return policy within seven days of the purchase. 

  1. Motors.co.uk 

Motors.co.uk has also utilized TV advertising by running successful campaigns routing traffic to their site. The most appreciated features of Motors.co.uk include the introduction of monthly payments, an extremely user-friendly portal that is seamless to use, and eye-catching graphics that let potential buyers view cars up close. 

Buyers can search on this portal using filters such as practicality, road tax, comfort features, budget, etc. Motors.co.uk has the most extensive stock of cars bought from franchised or independent dealers across the country. 

Similar to features offered by Auto Trader, this online portal also provides useful car information and reviews that help the buyers make an informed decision. Potential buyers can also find car ratings on the Expert Rating Index, which aggregates and collects car reviews from the top online UK car dealerships.   

  1. Carsnip 

Carsnip is a relatively new online portal in the online car dealership industry, but it is already giving others tough competition. Carsnip prides itself on being the largest search engine for used cars in the UK. It is like Google for searching for used cars in the country. 

Carsnip works uniquely. It enlists thousands of used car deals that you can filter according to your needs and preferences. However, not all the search results direct you to the Carsnip portal. It takes you directly to the car dealership offering the car you like. It skips the middleman and renders a straightforward search for the vehicle you want. 

  1. CarGurus 

It was launched in the UK in 2016 after its success in the US and Canada. CarGurus offers the most highly-rated cars sourced from franchised and private dealers in the country.

The best feature offered by CarGurus is the transparency of pricing and whether it is aligned with the market values or not. Also, this online car portal informs the customers whether a particular car deal is “Great” or “Fair.” 

Choose What Suits You 

There is no standard and the definite winner out here. All the above-listed car portals are best in their capacity and tend to a specific segment of potential customers. The basic functioning of all these portals is alike. The difference, however, is the various car finance deals and the search filters. 

All these online portals have cars with high ratings and reviews by the users. It is best to conduct thorough research of your own before jumping to finalize the deal. 

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