5 Largest Property Developers in UAE

We frequently hear about the achievements made by the United Arab Emirates. It has been referred to as the state of the future and one of the most sustainable nations across the globe, across all industries. 

Studying the Emirates’ achievements in recent years reveals excellent achievements in various fields, particularly the real estate industry. Real estate has grown greatly due to the increasing number of investors and enterprises’ aggressiveness.

You can ask anyone who has purchased a property or apartment in Dubai in 2008 if you are still trying to decide the significance of selecting a reputable real estate developer. 

The right developer can get you the property of your lifetime and help you make the right buying decision.

The top 5 largest property developers in the UAE are as follows:


Sharjah Sustainable City is in line with the worldwide trend towards climate positively. It focuses on lowering carbon emissions and improving the environment via using renewable energy sources, efficient waste disposal, and promoting environmental awareness. 

Sharjah Sustainable City offers a healthy and ecologically conscious lifestyle to its residents. 

Sustainable villas for wise and healthy living are available at Sharjah Sustainable City. Also, smart home technology is available in all three bedroom villas, allowing residents to manage settings for anything from their appliances to their lights from a smartphone or tablet.

Their 3BHK villas are also completely solar-powered and are equipped with systems that recycle wastewater for irrigation systems for landscaping. 

With these capabilities, residents can save up to 50 percent on utility costs and lessen their carbon impact. For the inhabitants’ sustainable way of life, each villa is furnished with energy-efficient kitchen appliances.

The estate was awarded the “Best Sustainable Residential Development Sharjah” prize at the Arabian Property Awards 2022.

The goal of the mixed-use development was to build a world-class, sustainable, and content community in the Middle East and North Africa. This success is the consequence of that goal. The project was also on the shortlist for “Sustainable Residential Development Arabia.”


Emaar Properties has continually been among Dubai’s top real estate developers since its foundation in 1997. The total number of residential and commercial developments is staggering at Emaar. 

The mighty Dubai mall and Burj khalifa are among the projects in the company’s portfolio.

Moreover, it will be difficult for anyone to visit Dubai without going inside an Emaar property. 

Emaar has created a variety of upscale residential estates, which include the Arabian Ranches, Dubai Hills Estate, and Dubai Marina, in addition to its significant commercial undertakings.

However, the most important name in the estate boasts the world’s largest building. The Burj Khalifa, a structure that requires no introduction, was also built by Emaar. Emaar Properties is now active in 36 markets around the Middle East, North Africa, East Asia, North America, and Europe. 

Property developers all over the world are familiar with the company’s name.

The fact that your main choices are premium brands may be one disadvantage of Emaar residences. Dubai’s housing costs are already one of the highest, and Emaar does not appear to want to waste its time on low-value ventures when huge projects such as the Dubai Creek Tower are in the works.


Nakheel Properties is well a leading real estate developer in Dubai and worldwide in the last 20 years. Despite having their name in over 85 countries at the present moment, the group is best recognized for its projects in the UAE.

When we talk about the most prominent feature of Nakheel, we cannot go on without mentioning – The Palm Jumeirah.  Everything is simply so wonderful and opulent in the Palm Jumeirah because you will find a plethora of commercial or residential structures here. 

Other projects, such as the Palm 360, a twin-tower luxury hotel, and the Nakheel Mall, may be found on these artificial islands.

In contrast to a majority of its competitors, Nakheel provides a large selection of brands to meet the demands of varied clientele. 

Out of Dubai’s top real estate developers, Nakheel Properties is known for a few of the most amazing stats. It had over 5.5 billion AED in revenue in 2017, and its earnings have increased. Nakheel is now building The World, a collection of artificial islands that resemble its namesake.


Danny Lubert established The First Group, a multinational real estate development firm, almost three decades ago. Even though the firm has operations in numerous significant global markets, its corporate office was created in Dubai in 2005; ever since it has emerged as one of the city’s top real estate developers.

The First Group has a wide range of projects in its portfolio, from low-cost to high-end ones. 

The group is one of the very few companies in the country that has constructed nearly every kind of structure, whether it be little or huge, costly or inexpensive, residential or commercial.

They have created several high-rise residential complexes in Dubai’s Sports City, including the Bridge, which earned an award for best residential high-rise development. 

The group has also established several luxury hotels in collaboration with major companies.

The Wyndham Dubai Marina, Sky Bay Hotel, and Avalon Tower are among the First Group’s most renowned assets in Dubai. 

Additionally, they collaborated with companies like Emirates Airlines and Millennium Hotels, demonstrating this developer’s dedication to excellence.


One of the biggest developers in the UAE, Deyaar has real estate projects in several strategic locations and growth areas, such as Business Bay, Al Barsha, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Lake Towers, DIFC, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai Production City, Al Barsha Heights, and Al Barsha South.

Deyaar Properties first appeared in 2002. In 2014, the CEO  received the Development Industry CEO Excellence Award on the company’s behalf.

Presently, Deyaar Properties provides property management services and development, focusing on both commercial and residential high-rise buildings in Dubai. 

The Mayfair Tower, the Atria, and Central Park are among Deyaar’s most significant works. Deyaar’s balance sheet suffered a little setback in 2018. 

However, Al Qatami blames the company’s foray into the hospitality sector with initiatives like the Millennium Deyaar Hotel for a fall in profitability. Deyaar is generally regarded as one of Dubai’s top real estate developers.

How are UAE property Developers Different From Each Other?

Although they are technically in the same sector, every UAE developer has a different offering and business model. This applies to both the kind and scale of projects they construct as well as the level of quality they produce. 

While some bigger developers frequently create whole communities, some, mostly smaller developers, have specialization in residential complexes that include one or two buildings. 

This includes communities that resemble small towns and have a variety of building types, as well as commercial and retail spaces.

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