5 Exciting Features of the latest Xiaomi Phone

Xiaomi is a common name when you are mentioning luxurious phone brands. The Xiaomi android company produces new phone models more frequently with updated and improved features. These phone models come with the latest technological development features that suit the needs of many individuals.

The company recently launched the latest Xiaomi MIUI 12 on August 12, which has more exciting features that every individual would like to have. This article discusses the amazing features of the latest Xiaomi phone that will blow your mind.

1. New notification shade and control center

The latest Xiaomi phone has a split in the notification shade, having the redesigned notification shade and control center. You can access the control center by swiping from the top right downwards, and you’ll find the quick setting and other setting toggles. While on the left, you can slide to get access to appealing notifications such as messages. Therefore, it’s very easy to access the settings and notifications separately on the notification shade.

2. Weather application

Everyone would want to know about the weather of the place they are visiting or staying. The latest Xiaomi phone caters to this by having a weather app that predicts real weather conditions. For example, the application may show if the area will experience either storm or snow falling in the background. Thus, it prepares you for the coming weather conditions in a particular area.

3. Ultra battery save mode

Most android phones usually don’t have a long battery life, thus minimizing the usage time. However, the latest Xiaomi phone comes with a battery-saving mode feature that allows users to use the phone for long hours without exhausting battery power. The feature will enable you to use the phone for approximately five additional hours before going off. The mode works by allowing the operating system to kill the apps you aren’t using to extend the battery life.

4. Picture-in-picture and multi-window feature

Sometimes you might want to work on something productive while playing your favorite game or watching a movie. When using the other android phones, you have to close the games or video windows to reply to your text. However, the latest Xiaomi phone provides the multi-window feature, where you can watch your favorite movie while doing another activity on the phone.

You’ll get a floating chat window on the full mobile screen. It’s easy to get the small window as you have to pull down the suspension notification application. You can drag this small window side by side without disturbing the other activities on the main screen.

5. New animation and customized design

This phone comes with the latest and entirely new design and looks that’s attractive to most users. Xiaomi MIUI 12 phone model has a cleaner interface with bigger spaces between the images or text on a white background. The operating system has a smooth and classy visual animation effect with advanced color mixing and dynamic fonts, providing a fantastic experience while using the phone.

Final thoughts

When purchasing a phone, every user wants to enjoy the latest development features that come with the phone. The latest Xiaomi phone comes with unique features that bring an awesome experience while using the phone. The best-customized design, weather predicting apps, multi-window feature, and the power saving mode is the features that’ll make your experience of using this phone awesome.

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