5 Common Signs You Need a Divorce

Many marriages end in divorce. While the divorce rate is currently the lowest it has been in decades, that doesn’t mean it’s not a possibility.

So, how can you tell if it’s finally time to end your marriage? Read on to learn about the top signs you need a divorce.

1. Lack of Communication

If you find yourself and your spouse failing to communicate on a regular basis, and constantly misinterpreting each other, it may be a sign your relationship isn’t what it used to be.

If you never spend time together, and primarily communicate via text message, email, or leaving notes around, you should sit down with one another and see if you’re just busy, or if you’re completely missing the boat on your entire relationship.

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2. Physical or Emotional Abuse

It should go without saying, but it often doesn’t. If your spouse is abusive towards you, it’s time to get out of there, as soon as you possibly can. If your partner is hurting you, or you find yourself constantly feeling bad about yourself, it’s time to evaluate what’s going on.

Reach out to a loved one who can help you get out of there, or a domestic violence organization in your area.

3. Infidelity

Open relationships and polygamy are totally acceptable and awesome choices. But, if your spouse is constantly cheating on you without your consent, it’s a sign the relationship is no longer working. The same sentiment is true if you’re the one cheating on your spouse. 

4. You’re Staying Together for the Kids

Many couples feel pressured to stay together for their children, at least until their children graduate high school. But, this can actually be more negative for your children than just getting a divorce. Constantly fighting or clearly disliking each other can be very damaging for your children. It would be better to start a strong co-parenting relationship outside of a romantic relationship.

5. You Just Don’t Trust One Another

A lack of trust is a sure sign that a relationship can just not work. If you constantly worry that your spouse is lying to you, then your relationship is already on its last legs. However, before getting a divorce, try sitting down with your partner and talking about your insecurities.

A relationship and marriage counselor may also be able to help you break down your barriers and find out where the lack of trust in your relationship is coming from.

Signs You Need a Divorce: Now You Know

If you see any of these problematic signs you need a divorce in your marriage, it may be time to bite the bullet and start the process. So, take a deep breath, and steel yourself for the divorce process. It can be tricky, but it will be worth it in the end.

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