5 Areas Of Your Home Where Pests Can Become A Major Threat

Pests are a major and dangerous threat to homeowners all over the world. Apart from causing damage to your property, they are also some of the worst carriers for deadly diseases and infections. The average homeowner and his/her family suffer from pests in the following way- 

  1. Their presence and activities compromise the structural integrity of the home or property. This requires extensive renovation and reconstruction work.
  2. Getting the help of pest control experts or termites exterminator is not an inexpensive proposition. This is followed by other expenditures to contractors.
  3. Pests can cause health issues and worries in families that have young children or adults that are sensitive to allergens. This can result in a lot of health scares.

The last few years have seen greater awareness among homeowners around the need to engage with experts when it comes to pest control and extermination. In this article, we are going to help homeowners by listing down five areas in their homes that are most susceptible to becoming breeding centers for pests. 

List of 5 Areas of Your Home where Pests can Become a Major Threat

  1. Garden or Tool Shed-

Most homes have shed that are placed just outside the actual house premises. This shed contains a lot of garden supplies, as well as tools and machines that are required for the efficient functioning of the home. 

Experts point out that pests find this a favorable place as the shed is not often cleaned like the rest of the areas in the home. Since it is mostly closed, it also does not see a lot of sunlight and fresh air. 

The dampness creates the perfect climate for pests to thrive. Homeowners need to identify the garden and tool shed as one of the most preferred breeding grounds for pests in their homes.

  1. Basement-

In most homes, the basement is the place where most of our old items are stored. Carrying the same up a flight of stairs to the attic is never feasible and this is why we tend to dump all our old and heavy electronic items like refrigerators and washing machines down in the basement. 

You need to understand that since the basement is dark, moist, and contains most of the plumbing lines of the house, this becomes an ideal breeding spot for pests. 

Make sure that you are requesting the pest control expert to take a long and hard look at the basement for the menace. 

  1. Attic Space-

We already mentioned in the last point that while we tend to store all the heavy stuff down in the basement, the attic is reserved for light things that we do not need. 

For example, you will find a lot of families using the attic as a storeroom to hold old clothes, books, light, and wooden furniture items. The attic sees some sun when compared to other areas of the room. 

However, it is mostly closed and does not experience any ventilation. Pest control experts point out that attics are perfect growing spots for pests like termites that prey on paper and wooden items. 

  1. Boiler Room-

If you are living in a home that still has a boiler room for all your heating needs, then you need to look very carefully at what is lurking behind the structure. Boiler rooms are perfect for pests.

They are sparingly opened, never see sunlight, are always damp, and enjoy the heat and moist conditions right through the year. 

Boiler rooms can also become moldy and give birth to dangerous parasites and bacteria which can cause serious diseases and infections to the homeowners. This is one area of the house that you need to get tested and surveyed by pest control exterminators. 

  1. Drainage Pipes-

There is a reason why pest control experts request to check your home’s drainage every time during an inspection. Do you know why? 

The only reason is that you’re plumbing and drainage pipes become highways that are used by mice, rats, and other rodents to move to and from your house. Apart from serious health hazards, these pests can gnaw away at important fixtures and wires leading to a serious utility problem in your house. 

Checking for rodents should be done once every three months. These pests multiple fast and keeping them away is not as easy as it sounds. 

The Bottom Line

In this article, we have looked at five areas in your house that are particularly susceptible to getting infected with pests. Pests can become a major nuisance if they are not controlled or checked. If you would us to address any specific questions on pest control or are looking at termite exterminators, please let us know in the comments below. We will try to help you out to the best of our abilities.

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