4 Unique Toys That Can Keep Your Kids Active

Keeping a child engaged is a very tough job. They lose interest really quickly. So, to keep them active during playtime, we have mentioned 4 unique toys like Robotic Toys, climbing toys in this think-piece. Each is fun to play with and contributes to the development.

  1. Climbing toys

If your child is older than 18 months, climbing toys can be a great choice as this is the time when they learn to control their body movements.

I am sure, at this age, you will often find your kid trying to climb stairs or jump across obstacles. Of course, your first instinct will be to stop them, but don’t succumb to it. Instead, let your child take the plunge because climbing has several health benefits, including…

  • Children need to put a lot of effort into climbing. It helps to lose baby fat and makes their bones stronger.
  • This activity will also develop strength in the upper and lower portions of the body and improve cardiovascular health.
  • It assists the children in creating balance and agility.

But do you need to keep your child near the stairs to achieve all these? The answer is no. Because it is dangerous as they can fall anytime or hurt themselves. So, the simple solution is climbing toys.

This type of toy has multiple routes to choose from. So, the kid will learn to make step-by-step decisions. Suppose they have to climb to the top. They first must decide whether a slide or a stair is better for the purpose. It will help them enhance their problem-solving skills and decision-making ability.

You can buy varieties of climbing toys from https://www.lifespankids.com.au/. They have all kinds of climbing toys for every budget, so make sure you explore them before heading out shopping.

  1. Sandpits

These are also popularly known as sandboxes and can provide a sense of relaxation & calmness to children. Other than that, sandpits positively impact a child’s growth.

These garden toys helps the child to develop the number concept way before kindergarten. For example, kids love to make mud pie. So when they are with two friends in the sandpits, chances are they will also make two mud pies for their friends. This is how they can adapt to counting.

Besides this, your kid will grasp basic mathematics, science concepts, and new words. In addition, they will be better at controlling small body muscles like finger muscles.

Further, sandpits also help them to build their social skills as there are several times they have to share their tools while playing.

  1. Trampoline

Using a trampoline is a great way to give your kid vestibular stimulation. The vestibular system is located in the inner ear and connects with the brain via a nerve pathway. The main works of this system are to control the sense of movement and balance, modify and coordinate information from other senses, etc.

It also plays an important role in developing vision, auditory-motor, hearing, and visual motor skills. NASA did a study to understand the benefits of trampolines. It showed that 10 minutes on the trampoline is better than 30 minutes of running as it improves digestion, blood circulation, stimulation of internal organs, lymphatic and oxygen circulation, and metabolism.

  1. Play tents

Play tents encourage the children to use their imagination skills. So while your kid might stack books there and explore them in privacy, a few others might want to invite their buddies.

Many kids want a play space of their own with no adult interference. If your little one is one of them, a play tent can offer them a small house experience. They can do various role plays like hospitals, castles, ice cream parlors, etc.

In the future, they might bring a friend to join the game. This will allow your child to practice sharing and understanding boundaries. All these qualities will help your child’s overall development. Also read about 3 Ways to Eliminate the Fear of Physical Intimacy in a Relationship for Men

Over to you…

If you have a high budget and want to give your kid something big, consider a swing, water park, seesaw, or play house. All this will keep your child engaged and help them to develop healthy habits. However, be sure to always keep an eye on them so that you can keep them safe from any accidents.

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