Will cable be replaced by streaming services Netflix, Hulu, etc. ?

Online streaming sites are surely taking the world by storm. But the TV lovers can never let go of their spot and are still subscribed to the cable TV service providers such as Spectrum TV that have much to offer in terms of reliable services and extensive channel line ups.

Streaming is a less expensive option than expensive cable subscriptions. However, getting what you desire via streaming is nearly impossible. Later in the future, streaming services might take over cable TV but it is certainly not happening anytime soon. Many reasons withhold this takeover. Choosing between streaming and cable involves sacrificing something. Streaming services may merely be supplemental to an existing cable subscription for someone who wants it all, and so may not save you any money at all. We may one day be able to pick and choose which channels we wish to watch, whether through cable or streaming alternatives.

Cable TV

The abundance of channels is the easiest pro to point out when it comes to cable. Choose cable and you’ll have access to all local television stations, including FOX, CBS, and ABC, as well as ESPN, Fox Sports, CNN, E! Entertainment, and plenty others. There are a plethora of choices available. Don’t worry about losing out on your favorite sporting events or the latest news: it’s all available. You should be able to record television shows to view later, depending on your configuration. You may even check in too many of the stations’ websites with your cable subscription and view the shows if you missed the live broadcast. You can also watch them on different devices, just like you can with streaming.

Streaming Services

An online provider of entertainment albeit, music, movies, etc. that distributes material to a subscriber’s computer, TV, or mobile device via an Internet connection. High-profile examples include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu. Let’s be honest. Every show you’ll ever want or need to watch may be found on a streaming service. Netflix, Hulu, and HBO, which produce some of today’s most popular shows like “Game of Thrones,”, “House of Cards,” and “The Handmaid’s Tale,” as well as other hits like “Breaking Bad,” “Seinfeld,”, etc dominate the Emmy’s every year. The movie selection is also adequate, with a rotating selection of films available on all streaming providers. Although there is a misconception that these streaming services cost less, are most certainly less expensive than having a cable TV, but it is about time you do realize that these costs only add up over time and are most likely to be the same as your cable TV subscription.

Moving towards the reasons that most certainly affect this complete switch from Cable TV to streaming services are:

  1. Watching Sports

People who love who are sports fanatics do not have any reasonable option to switch to. Even now the only way you can catch your matches live other by having a cable TV connection. For instance, except for having a cable TV connection, there is no other way for you to watch ESPN. Sure, you can watch them online using ESPN’s “Watch ESPN” feature, but you will need to be a cable package member to do so. Customers want more customization, and cable companies are striving to meet that need. However, ESPN is the thorn in their personalized cable strategy, as the sports giant’s agreements with cable carriers prevent them from placing ESPN on any kind of “premium” tier.

  • It’s All About Money

Streaming, on the other hand, isn’t always easier. Unless you already have a cable subscription, there are different services, different devices, and certain channels are just not accessible for streaming. The peculiar financial incentives that cable has been spilling over into the streaming sector. Some channels are not available for the same reason ESPN won’t unbundle from cable packages: they’re not powerful enough to stand on their own and having stand-alone streaming options, even as a compliment, pushes more people to switch to an Internet-only TV lifestyle. Unless you have a digital TV tuner, another material such as local broadcast networks, award shows, and major sporting events is frequently inaccessible.

  • Content Availability

You have access to dozens of the best movies and shows with streaming services, but with cable TV, you get access to not only movies and shows, but also sports and news information. You won’t be able to watch sports, live events, or news on any of the available streaming services. For instance, many series are not available on Netflix since HBO programming is not available on Netflix, thus if you’re a Game of Thrones lover, you won’t be able to watch it on Netflix. You can receive premium channels and on-demand programming with cable. When it comes to sports or news, cable TV outperforms any other streaming service.


Streaming is a frequently less expensive alternative to a costly cable subscription. However, we’re now in the midst of a gradual transformation in home entertainment, with commercial incentives and regulatory limitations preventing either streaming services or cable subscriptions from providing users with the exact channel and show choices they desire. At the present, it is not easily possible for the streaming services to entirely replace the cable TV, however it might be a possibility later on in the future.

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