Why you should choose a Magento platform for eCommerce business

Online shopping has become an integral part of modern life. The reasons for such popularity are quite obvious: it is convenient, fast, and sometimes even cheaper than brick-and-mortar shopping. The Covid-19 pandemic has also boosted eCommerce and made this market highly competitive. Many people want to set up their own business starting with running an online store. It doesn`t require great investments and is easy to control. 

 If you have decided to dive into eCommerce, then you have to opt for the best platform. Now you have to take into account many aspects, because the chosen product will influence the appearance of your website and the quality of rendered services to your clients. Despite the fact that there is a range of eCommerce platforms, Magento is the most widely used one. It is estimated that nearly 32% of all online stores are Magento-based. Why is it so? This article will answer this question! So if you are serious about running an online store, keep reading it till the end.

What is a Magento? 

 Magento is a powerful content management system (CMS) used for eCommerce. CMS is a software for websites or other data sources organization. It is a visually friendly interface with the help of which you can add and edit the site content. Magento is extremely popular because of its flexibility and scalability. It is used by both startups and eCommerce giants due to the numerous advantages it provides.

The benefits of using Magento for eCommerce business

 To understand why so many people prefer Magento we should focus on the advantages it provides. 

  • A wide variety of functions

 Magento platform is a great option for running an online store, since it can meet even the most sophisticated requirements. Magento represents a set of beneficial features so that specialists won’t be forced to add them by themselves. The management of the product catalogue is automated. Among other valuable functions are step-by-step search filtering, the ability to group products into sets, to see last viewed and added products. Magento also provides different payment options, delivery modules, clients` reviews and recommendations.

  1. Appealing interface and catalogue

 Thanks to its flexibility Magento provides convenient template management that offers personalized services to the customers. By applying to a professional Magento theme development company you can make Internet users stick to your website. Then flexible catalogue management will handle the rest. It includes the approval, editing and deleting of product tags, downloading monogram texts, the ability to redirect search results, etc.

  1. Search engine optimization (SEO)

 Magento will help you place your online store at the top of the search engine results thanks to the friendly attitude of the search engines to this platform. Automated settings create an XML sitemap required for search robots independently. Of course, it has a positive impact on the site traffic and leads to an increase in sales.

  1. Marketing tools

 The Magento platform will become a true friend in the development and implementation of marketing strategy. Discounts, coupons, bestsellers, novelties and various promotional options. Such things will bring about increasing the average check and encourage people to become your regular clients. 

  1. Professional assistance

 The Magento community is an advanced one. The best specialists from all around the world are working on improving the capabilities of this platform. So, it’s quite understandable that there are a lot of specialized forums, databases, and a wiki encyclopedia for Magento admirers. It means that as an online store owner you will always have a helping hand. 

  1. Powerful analytical tools

 Magento represents a set of analytical tools for accurate accounting. It helps to adjust the website due to changing demands of the clients. These instruments provide tax, feedback, most viewed products, discount coupons, the amount and number of orders, and other reports. This data is valuable for improving your services and engaging more customers.

  1. Reliability

 Magento-based online stores are more reliable. The loading page time is impressive. What’s more, they are resistant to malicious attacks. The Magento community is sophisticated and spread all over the world. It means that Magento specialists are constantly working together on improving the platform in all possible aspects. No wonder it is so popular nowadays. 

Drawing the line

 Magento can boast of numerous advantages. If you want to make use of them, just visit https://dinarys.com/custom-magento-development. But if you still have doubts just remember that such eCommerce monsters as Nokia, 20th Century Fox, Skype, and Samsung have already chosen Magento. Maybe it is your turn now?

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