Why It’s Useful To Have A Second Citizenship

More and more people are attempting to obtain a second British dual citizenship. This is because of the many benefits that come with obtaining an additional nationality. For example, if you were born in America but then moved to another country for work or school, you could be drafted into military service during a time of war. If this happened, it might not always be possible to avoid being drafted due to your dual citizenship status. Also, if the country of your origin can provide a better life standard you might prefer second citizenship to better living conditions.

Second citizenship is usually obtained without too much difficulty and time if it is through a country that has a low standard of living or you have resided in the country for many years. However, this process would be much harder if it was from a country with highly developed laws and regulations such as America or the UK. In these cases, one must prove they have a “real connection” to the country in question before being approved for citizenship.

What is second citizenship?

It is the citizenship of another country besides your own. This other nationality is acquired through naturalization, registration, or descent. A great example is the Portugal Golden Visa as it allows foreigners to get a residence permit. The many benefits are what drive people to obtain an additional nationality in the first place. Some people see huge financial advantages to having two nationalities while others might be looking for the sense of security that another citizenship provides during times of war or political instability. 

The benefits of having second citizenship are plentiful. They include: 

  • Have the right to live and work in another country
  • Be able to travel visa-free to other countries for some time
  • Gain political bi-partisan support from that second country should you ever need it
  • Easier to access foreign resources if you are living in another country
  • Your new country may help with your old country’s debts and obligations
  • Be an ambassador for your motherland; be able to advise and give insights on current events

Doing business with a second citizenship

Business owners naturally make use of the benefits of additional citizenship in their company’s business practices. For example, if your business is in the US but you are in Germany, it could be that you will need to hire workers for different projects in different parts of the world. Using your second citizenship when hiring these employees allows you to not only save on paying for housing and transportation costs but also gives you a wide pool of potential employees from which to choose.

In terms of taxes, any person with second citizenship can transfer their yearly income from one country to another without the fear of being taxed by two separate countries. In cases where this is not possible, you can hire an attorney or accountant who specializes in international taxation to minimize the amount of money you have to pay for taxes.

How long does it take?

The amount of time it takes to receive second citizenship is dependent on the country in which you are applying.  If, for example, you have been living with your partner in Hungary and want citizenship there as well as your native country, then the process will be a lot faster. However, if you are only applying for Hungarian citizenship and not your native country’s, then the process can take around two years to complete. 

If you choose to apply through your ancestry, the amount of time it would take depends on how many generations back your lineage is traceable. A reputable agency will be able to perform research on your genealogy and provide you with the information necessary to proceed with the citizenship process.

What does one need to apply?

Oftentimes, applicants need to prove their economic stability if they are not married or in a civil partnership. They must also produce evidence of where they live, proof their name and how long they have lived at their current address, and if sponsored by an employer or relative they must provide evidence of this as well. It is usually necessary to produce a resume and birth certificate. Immigrants have an entirely different law approach by the county they reside in.

The list of documents you will need to apply for second citizenship is clearly defined by the country in which you are applying for citizenship. Some countries may ask that you go through a thorough security process, complete a citizenship test and some may even require your physical presence.

Although this might sound like a lot of hassle, going through the citizenship process will be worth it as you will finally feel as if you belong somewhere. Not only do people with second citizenship have the same rights as those who are citizens of their native country but they are also able to provide opportunities for their family members who wish to immigrate.

Can you lose your current citizenship?

Yes, if you are using your second citizenship to avoid paying taxes in your home country, forfeit your original citizenship. It is illegal to hold dual citizenship if you owe money or have debts with the government of the nation-state that you are a citizen of. If this is the case, then you must relinquish one of them for this to be forgiven.

It is also illegal to give false information to get a second citizenship. It is considered fraud if you lie about your place of birth or the name under which you were born.

The benefits of having a second nationality far outweigh the costs so if you have been thinking about applying, it is best to start asking questions and filing paperwork as soon as possible. Countries that offer the best options for obtaining an additional passport depend on your situation. However, if you are interested in learning more about obtaining a second passport, then it is best to consult with the experts and get started as soon as possible.

Make sure you do all the research possible before starting this process. It is important to know what you can and cannot do before going through application procedures. In the long run, it will be much simpler for you if you have a better idea of what your options are.

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