Why do I need a solicitor when buying a house?

It’s no secret that buying a house is expensive and stressful. You need to keep the costs down where you can with a few tips and tricks. While a solicitor is not legally required to manage the buying process, they can make a huge difference to the process. Of course, a solicitor can charge a huge fee and take a hefty chunk out of your budget. However, they can also make the process far less stressful and protect you against unwanted costs down the line.

A conveyance solicitor and licensed conveyor are the two types of professionals who can transfer property ownership. There are numerous advantages to using a solicitor for buying a house. Here are some of the things a conveyance solicitor can do for you when moving house.

Carry out property searches

A solicitor can find out more information about your potential for the property. They can find out whether you can get planning permission in the future or the quality of the ground your home is built on. A conveyance search should be completed and approved before you exchanged contracts on the property. In some cases, a property search can identify structural issues with the home that will bump up the renovation costs. It’s best to know about these things before you sign any contracts.

Deal with the transfer of ownership

Your solicitor can handle the transfer of ownership at the Land Registry. This legal process often goes much smoother when a legal professional can manage it for you. Your conveyance solicitor can also handle all other legal enquiries for your potential property.

Give legal advice

The moving process is confusing and overwhelming, especially for first-time buyers. A solicitor can advise you on the legal procedures and explain any specialist jargon to you. Buying a house is a big move, and you need to be comfortable with the decision you’re about to make. It’s important to thoroughly read a contract before signing it. Ask your solicitor about what you should look out for in a contract and what to avoid. A solicitor can make sure all the legal documents look correct and don’t include any hidden clauses.

Transfer the funds to pay for your property

Finally, the solicitor can help you to transfer the funds to pay for your property. You will be transferring a large amount of money, and it’s important to ensure it’s done correctly. However, a solicitor is required in a transfer of equity – when the new owner buys the other person out. A solicitor or conveyancer should represent the individual buying the other out.

Hire a solicitor to take care of the paperwork and legal process while you enjoy planning for your future home.

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