Which broadband is the best in Singapore?

Wherever you are now in the world, you may be feeling the great need to do work, connect with friends and family, and even attend school at the comfort of your home through the magic of the internet. According to the local internet providers, this increased internet traffic in Singapore by 60%. With the surge of internet users in the country, broadband and internet providers companies are battling to offer the best quality of service.

The thing is, not everyone can afford a wired internet connection. Thankfully, there are available local brands of broadband connections that we can choose from here in Singapore! Let’s dig in and find out which broadband is best in Singapore.

Best Broadbands in Singapore


  • Featuring 1Gbps fibre broadband
  • speed: 1Gbps
  • Price: $44.90
  • Contract Length: 24 months

Singtel is one of the best broadband providers in Singapore, best for its stable internet connection and nationwide scope, this provider lets you enjoy 1Gbps for the price of $44.90. Singtel waived the registration fee, service installation fee, and FTP. These are significant discounts for their customers planning to subscribe to one of their deals. Subscribers also enjoy the 10% off mobile subscription with Singtel, free Singtel Wi-Fi in public spaces, and a 4GB mobile broadband plan.


  • Featuring: 1Gbps fibre broadband
  • Speed: 1Gbps
  • Price: $39.90
  • Contract Length: 24 months

M1 is best known for its reliable, uninterrupted, and affordable internet connection with its 1Gbps fiber broadband. You will enjoy 4G mobile broadband, fixed voice, and ONT activation. New subscribers also enjoy free next-gen Wi-Fi 6 routers. You will also get the first three months of internet security. The first thing you should do to find a good wifi deal is to make a list of what you need from your wifi service provider. 

M1 also offers other deals depending on the consumer’s choice. With its fast and reliable internet connection and excellent customer service, it is one of the best broadband available in Singapore.


  • Featuring: 1 Gbps Fibre Broadband
  • Speed: 1Gbps
  • Price: $45.90
  • Contract Length 24 months

With the price of $45.90 with Starhub, you will enjoy two free units of Starhub smart Wi-Fi, free service installation, 12 months of Disney subscription. You also have the choice to top up $3/month for 24 months for an additional unit for better coverage. Newly sign up will also enjoy 12 months of Hotstar.

Starhub is also listed as one of the best for its consistent and reliable internet speed and if you don’t believe us then go to speedcheck.org and see it for yourself.


  • Featuring: 1Gbps Broadband
  • Speed: 1Gbps
  • Price: $50.99
  • Contract Length: 24 months

This plan is the most expensive one on the list because of the free Google Nest Wi-Fi. This type of router can cover an entire home. It also comes in a free home phone line with unlimited calls and texts and free TP installation.


  • Featuring: 1Gbps Broadband
  • Speed: 1Gbps
  • Price: $34.00
  • Contract Length: 24 months

WhizComms 1Gbps broadband plan is the cheapest deal on the list at only $34. The plan has a free TP-link Archer C80 AC1900 Wireless Router and free installation. They also help you locate the best possible position of wireless router for the best coverage with their on-site field engineer at no extra charge. This factor sets them apart from the rest of the service providers.

The decision is yours to make

Different companies offer different deals, but you will need to consider speed, data, cost, and even its inclusions when choosing your broadband. It would be best to prioritize the number of users and the purpose (e.g., gaming, professional, commercial, residential use). The companies listed here also offer different deals depending on the consumer’s choice.

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