What to Consider When Buying a Weed Eater

A weed eater is a handheld tool that is used for cutting grass and small weeds. You’ll find a variety of weed trimmers on the market with different power sources such as battery weed eaters and gas weed eaters, shaft styles, handles, and extras. It’s important to consider a number of factors that will help you select the weed eater that best fits your landscaping needs.

Weed Eater Power Source

The weed eater’s power source is an important consideration. The most common weed eaters are gas-powered, electric, or battery-powered. Gas weed eaters are the most powerful and can cover a large area quickly. Electric weed eaters are good for smaller yards and lighter duty work. Battery weed eaters offer the convenience of cordless operation.

Weed Eater Shaft Type

The weed eater’s shaft type is also important to consider. The two most common shaft types are straight and curved. A straight shaft weed eater is good for trimming around obstacles, while a curved shaft weed eater is better suited for reaching under shrubs and trees.

Weed Eater Handle

The weed eater’s handle can also be an important consideration. Some weed eaters have a fixed handle, while others have a telescoping handle. A fixed handle weed eater is good for smaller yards, while a telescoping handle weed eater is better suited for larger yards.

Size of the Lawn

Another factor to consider when purchasing a weed eater is the size of your lawn. If you have a small yard, then a battery-powered weed eater or an electric weed eater will be sufficient. If you have a large yard, then you’ll need a gas-powered weed eater.

Weed Eater Cutting Width

Another consideration is the weed eater’s cutting width. The wider the cutting swath, the less time it will take to trim your lawn. Most weed eaters have a cutting width of between 12 and 18 inches.

Line Diameter

The weed eater’s line diameter is also important to consider. The thicker the line, the more durable it will be, but it will also require more force to cut through the vegetation. Most weed eaters use a .080-inch diameter line.


Finally, you’ll need to consider the weed eater’s price. Weed eaters range in price from around $30 to $300. Gas-powered weed eaters are usually the most expensive, while battery-powered weed eaters are usually the least expensive. Another thing to consider is the weed eater’s warranty. Most weed eaters come with a two-year warranty, but some brands offer a longer warranty.

Weed Eater Brushless Motor

A weed eater with a brushless motor is also a good choice. A brushless motor weed eater will run cooler and more efficiently than a weed eater with a brushed motor. It is important to think about how much power you want the motor to produce. Brushed motors are OK for lighter jobs but for anyone looking to replace their gas-powered weed eater, a brushless motor is a way forward. 

Line for Your Weed Eater

Weed Eater with Bump Feed

bump feed is a type of weed eater that uses a spring-loaded spool to advance the line automatically.  This is the most common type of weed eater and is easy to use. The line can also be easily replaced when it wears out.

Weed Eater with Auto Feed

An auto-feed weed eater has a built-in mechanism that automatically advances the line as it wears down. This type of weed eater is more expensive than a bump-feed weed eater.

Weed Eater with Fixed Line

A weed eater with a fixed-line has a cutting head that does not rotate, making it better for cutting through thick weeds and brush. This type of weed eater is more difficult to use than a bump feed or auto-feed weed eater.

Weight of the Weed Eater

The weed eater’s weight is also important to consider. Heavier weed eaters are more difficult to use and can cause fatigue. Lighter weed eaters are easier to use but may not be as powerful. Gas models are usually heavier and battery models are usually lighter.

The power of the weed eater is also important to consider. Battery models tend to be either 20v or  40v, while gas models can be anywhere from 25cc to over 100cc. The more power the weed eater has, the faster it will cut through vegetation.


There are many factors to consider when purchasing a weed eater. The most important factors are the size of your lawn, the type of weed eater, and the power of the weed eater. Other factors to consider include the cutting width, line diameter, price, and warranty.

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