What Sweepstakes Experts Don’t Tell You 

Congratulations, you’ve won a million dollars, a car, vacation to your dream destination, etc. It can be a lucky day or a worse one. That’s why you should be informed, whether you are a first-time sweepstakes player or a regular.

So how should you get a sweepstakes prize? Follow these expert tips to take your sweepstakes hobby to a higher level and improve your chances of winning.

Here are the essential tips you should know before entering sweepstakes.

Tips That Better Sweepstakes Winning Chances

Use a dedicated email address to enter sweepstakes from the best sweepstakes resource. It helps you recognize win notifications to avoid getting scammed.

To maximize your winning chances, you should maximize the number of sweepstakes entries. Some sweepstakes will allow you to enter once, while others can enter daily. If you can enter daily, do it to maximize your odds.

Whenever you win, respond to legitimate sweepstakes quickly to avoid missing the deadline. If you are late, you may call the sponsor to inquire if they can make an exception.

Sweepstakes Companies You Should Avoid

Sweepstakes are a lucrative business that have attracted people from all walks of life. Some of the sweepstakes platforms are not safe to play.

So before playing, you should ensure you avoid sweepstakes with these traits.

Take caution and stay safe. This means you should be cautious and informed to avoid illegal sweepstakes companies. You should enter sweepstakes from a reputable platform like Sweepstakes Advisor to avoid getting scammed. 

Never pay the company or buy anything for you to claim your prize. This is illegal, and you should avoid such companies.

If a company tells you to buy something to improve your chances of winning, know it’s illegal. No genuine sweepstakes company suggests players purchase anything to increase their chances of winning.

You should expect to give the company a percentage of your winnings for taxes. The taxes are deducted directly from your winnings, or you are advised to pay to the government, not the sweepstakes company.

Any company asking for your bank account or credit card number is a scam. Any sweepstakes asking for such information must be operating illegally.

Beware of cons because some imposters will stage as legitimate sweepstakes’ company staff. Before giving any details, tell them you will call them back. Then call the real sweepstakes company to verify the information.

Any legitimate sweepstakes operating company will give you information on how it works, such as the winning odds and the prizes. The company will also inform you that you don’t need to purchase to win. Any company that is not transparent in their operations shouldn’t be bothered with0.


With so many sweepstakes companies in the market, you need the best sweepstakes resource to access legitimate sweepstakes that offer fair play. Avoid entering sweepstakes that look like a scam. Always be on guard.

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