What Is the Future of Podcasting? 2022 Podcasting Trends

Podcasting is one of the latest marketing trends and is an impeccable way to reach your audience. As more and more people are now focusing on producing a podcast, we are seeing an introduction of various niches in this domain. Podcasting as a career also has tremendous potential, especially with podcast monetization.

The number of podcast listeners in 2022 rose to 383.7 million and is expected to. So if you’re wondering what the future of podcasting holds, it is very promising and innovative.

With alternative Apple podcast subscriptions on the rise, you now have many channels to listen to your favorite podcasters for free. There is so much to know about podcasts and why they are trending more daily.

So, if you’re interested in what podcasting trends to follow in the year 2022-2023, continue reading and figure it out for yourself.

Things You Should Know About Podcasting Trends

Although podcasting has been around for decades, it has only gained massive popularity in the last few years.

According to the latest research, there are currently 48 million episodes available on various podcast mediums, whereas the number of active shows has grown to over 2 million around the globe.

But podcasting continues to change and evolve. Early on, the only channel that came with podcast subscriptions was Apple.

The users have to subscribe to listen to their favorite podcasters. But now, since the industry continues to evolve, there are many alternative Apple podcast subscriptions available that you can get for free. Google Podcasts, Supercast, and Callin are all a simple tap away.

As the podcast industry continues to grow, it also gives a sufficient amount of reason to brand owners why they should go all in with podcast marketing. It is a fantastic way to tap into the audience’s needs and give them exactly what they want.

Marketing podcasts offers excellent perks , including the following:

  • It allows you to target new demographics
  • It lets you portray yourself as someone more than a business owner
  • It’s more manageable than creating video content

The podcast audience is usually happy with audio shows, but YouTube videos of the same audio shows are also becoming widely popular. This ensures that people who enjoy video content more aren’t left out of the experience of listening to a podcast.

Podcasting as a career also has tremendous potential. Even tech companies are currently focused on producing new technologies to offer excellent podcast gear to new podcasters.

The bottom line is podcasting has massive potential, and if you’d like to succeed in this domain, you must keep up with the ever-changing trends.

Top 5 Podcasting Trends to Lookout For

Do you want to start your podcast or stay up-to-date with the ever-changing trends? Regardless, here is everything you should know.

1.   Niche Down Your Podcast

Many people love podcasts, but why?

According to research, almost 90% of consumers listen to podcasts to learn something new. So it’s no surprise that niching down the podcast industry is a rising trend.

So, if you’d like to build a credible audience over a podcast network, you just need to identify your niche so that a relevant audience can find you. Once you start working in a specific niche, your target market will become loyal to you and help you grow. This will start you becoming an industry leader in your niche.

2.   Optimize Your Content

Seeing how there has been a massive increase in the use of voice search recently, you must optimize your podcast’s written content so that virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Cortana can find it.

Here are a few ways that can help you optimize your podcast for voice search:

  • Use keywords for descriptions and titles
  • Come up with written content that answers an enigmatic range of audiences.
  • SEO your written copy so search engines can optimize it

People can never listen to your podcasts if they don’t know it exists. So, optimizing your website and podcast for search engines is imperative for discovery.

3.   Massive Budget for Marketing & Production

The number of people who listen to podcasts is large and growing consistently. Back in 2020, more than 100 million people were listening to podcasts monthly. Seeing how it’s trending upwards, the number of people listening to podcasts by the time 2022 ends will be around 140 million.

More brands are now inclined towards podcast marketing, and if you want to cater to a large audience, you also need to produce high-quality content. For that purpose, the production cost will also increase since podcasters would need high-quality equipment to ensure a premium standard of podcasting.

You can also combine podcasting with other marketing mediums like email and social media. For example, alert your listeners via emails or social media posts whenever you’re uploading a new episode on the platform so they can tune in as your episode goes live for better traction.

4.   Be More Creative

Good equipment and a pleasant voice won’t be enough if you wish to succeed in the podcasting industry. You must curate high-quality, creative content that compels listeners to turn to you.

Remember, there are already 2 million podcasters on various platforms. So if you want to beat them or at least find your tribe, you must put in additional effort to let your content stand out.

5.   Growing Popularity of Live Streaming

Another rising trend in the world of podcasting is live streaming. As you already know, people prefer watching a video to reading an article. Consumers are now more interested in watching live shows and going in with Q/A sessions since it allows them to connect up close with the podcaster. You can use some amazing streaming tools from Melon to make it easy to connect with your audience.

So, regardless of your niche, people would love a chance to have a one-on-one question-answer session with you during a live podcast. It will improve your relationship with the listeners while giving them a better opportunity to re-track your content.

Final Verdict About Podcasting Trends

Those who wish to run a successful podcast channel must be in line with the new and changing industry trends. You must stay on top of these podcast trends, and your audience will help you build a loyal community.

Keep your content up to par, and never compromise on quality. Podcasts are a way for you to not only educate your audience intimately but also create a trustworthy community that backs you up and gives you the position of the industry leader you are.

We hope this article helps, and now you know which podcasting trends you must follow.

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