What is Social Security Disability Insurance?

Almost one out of every five working-age Americans has a form of disability, making them more likely to experience economic hardship than individuals without any disability.

Most individuals with a disability are able to work, but they face a lot of challenges to find work compared to people without.

For individuals with a disability, Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability Insurance, both serving as important components of people’s Social Security system, provide vital lifelines.

Social Security Disability Insurance usually pays monthly benefits to every incapacitated employee and can no longer work for a year or so. It is also part of Social Security programs, which pay retirement benefits to older Americans.

Other Types of Social Security Programs

Apart from SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance), you can consider other programs like Medicaid and SSI (Supplemental Security Income).

Medicaid offers healthcare benefits for individuals with a disability who meet certain financial requirements. On the other hand, SSI offers medical and monetary benefits to children and adults who are disabled or blind. Like Medicaid, you must meet resources and non-disability income requirements.

Disability Claim Process

Many applications of Social Security are processed through local SSA offices. A lawyer with a Social Security Disability Claim experience may help to prepare your application and even file it on your behalf.

Payments for disability representations are limited by law. They are not more than 25% of retroactive SSDI or SSI payments you get when you are disabled.


In order to qualify for SSDI benefits, you should have a medical problem, which meets the strict definition of disabilities. You must have also worked in jobs that Social Security covered.

Generally, SSDI officials pay monthly benefits to individuals who cannot work for one year or so due to their disabilities. 

You will continue getting those benefits until you are able to work again daily. But SSDI officials will consider you disabled if:

  • They decide that you are not able to adjust to working due to a medical condition
  • Your disability is expected to or has lasted for one year
  • You are unable to do work, which you did before

Cancer and SSDI

Social Security Disability Insurance is also available to people suffering from cancer. In fact, if your documents show you have cancer, SSDI officials can process your application faster.

Requirements for Applying

Before you apply, ensure you provide details about your work, medical condition, and yourself. You should review and print the Adult Disability Checklist as it may help you collect the details you require to complete the application process.

Apart from your details, you will also need to present certain documents to prove your eligibility. Some of these documents include:

  • The US. Military discharge papers
  • Medical evidence
  • Pay stubs, award letters, or settlement agreements
  • Birth certificate
  • W-2 forms

Final Say!

You must apply for SSDI benefits once you become disabled. According to the Social Security office, the application process might take around four months. This counts as part of the waiting period of 20 weeks after the start of your disability.

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