What is Node.js certification and how does it help you with your career?

Node.js offered by Open.js Foundation is a relatively new certification. As the program was launched many reactions and responses were prompted. And most of them were positive reactions showing interest to get the certification, though the pricing factor was also there.

Why should one get Node.js certification?

There are many reasons behind the launch of the certification. Let’s find them out!

  • The industry is getting matured – Node.js was actually launched almost a decade back. Over time, the industry has attained a point of maturity with new requirements and challenges. This credential would help standardizing skills throughout the industry.
  • Demand vs. supply – The demand for Node.js certified experts is quite high across the industry. But their availability is less. As you get the certification, you will have plenty of opportunities. The industry will find you as well as other qualified developers for its benefits. As an outcome, the gap between the demand and supply will be reduced.
  • Standardization of the skill level – The Node.js certification helps to standardize expertise and knowledge. To be precise, it creates a new baseline with a minimum requirement where expert developers can separate themselves from the crowd.
  • Creation of opportunities – Node.js is meant for creating new scopes for web developers to prove themselves. The certification helps them join a project or a company utilizing a distinct route that is not the same as the conventional one.

What are the key principles of Node.js certification?

  • Result-oriented–It hardly matters how you find a solution to a problem if the result is correct. Whether you use a library, or a non-conventional approach is totally up to you.
  • Framework – The exam to get Node.js certification is not focused on any particular library or framework. The key purpose is to evaluate your Node.js expertise and knowledge.
  • Utility for real-time practices – The major purpose of the Node.js certification is to support test-takers so that they can implement their expertise to solve real-time issues.
  • Problem-solving – The exam is not meant for solving technical challenges but for solving real-life issues.
  • No implementation pedantry – The accreditation is focused on solving a problem only. It is not concerned about how you solve it.

What are the benefits of Node.js certification?

  • The certification proves your skills and knowledge. It helps you proceed successfully in your career. On the other hand, the developers get an opportunity to teach, train, enhance and demonstrate the special expertise needed to become a successful Node.js professional.
  • Getting the certification doesn’t only mean that you have unleveled your skills. It also denotes that you’re knowledgeable in a highly sought-after arena. The certification will let you stand out from the competition.
  • It’s a great chance to get trained and improve your skills. You will rather constitute a fruitful investment in yourself and your career.
  • Companies will look for you as you earn Node.js certification.
  • It will help you increase your salary in your present company. You can also ask for a higher package when you join a new company as a Node.js certified developer.

So, being a Node.js developer, if you want to be recognized in the industry, having the certification would be the best bet for you.

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