What Is Anchor Text & Why It’s Important For SEO?

Anchor text is a crucial factor in on-page SEO. It is one of the factors that google takes into account when ranking your page. There are several ways to use anchor text in your content and some methods you will want to avoid. iBoost Web knows the best SEO in Atlanta. In this article, we’ll be covering exactly what anchor text is, why it’s important for search engine optimization, and several anchor text best practices that you can use to get the most out of your SEO efforts.

What Is Anchor Text?

Anchor text is clickable text in a hyperlink. It’s what you see when you hover over a link on your browser, and it’s also what people will see when they share that link on social media. The anchor text is often the most visible part of your website for search engines and visitors alike, so it should be chosen carefully to reflect the content of that page as closely as possible. This is also known as “optimizing” your anchor text.

Different Types of Anchor Text

Different types of anchor texts can be used to help identify different types of links.

Brand Name

A brand name is similar to an exact match keyword. It describes your business or product in natural language. This is an effective way to get your brand name in front of customers, but it also helps Google better understand the topic of your content.


The URL is typically used for internal links and can be simple or long-form (e.g., https://www.examplewebsite.com). This type of anchor text allows you to easily identify where the link points and is another way for Google to understand the topic of the content being linked from or to.

Domain Name

The domain name (e.g., www) is used when linking between separate websites or domains. It can help identify which site you are linking from or going to and help Google understand the topic being linked between domains/websites). It also helps create relevancy.


This is when your anchor text contains words like “click here” or “this site.” While these links are useful for assisting users on your website, they don’t help with SEO at all.

Exact Match Keywords

These are links that contain keywords that match your target keyword exactly. For example, if you were trying to rank for the keyword “SEO company Atlanta,” you could use a link with the exact phrase “SEO company Atlanta” as your anchor text. This link is great because it helps you rank for a specific keyword while also giving users an idea of what they can expect from your site.

Partial Match


Partial match anchor text is when you use part of your target keyword as the text of your link. For example, if you have a blog post about SEO in Dallas, one of your links might say something like “click here for SEO Dallas”. This tells Google that this page is about SEO in Dallas, even though it doesn’t use any other words from that phrase in the body content or title tag.

Page Title

The page title shows up in Google’s search results and on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter when someone shares your page. If you want to optimize for ranking for a certain term but don’t want to put it into the body content or URL because it doesn’t fit naturally, then put it into the page title instead!

Best SEO Practices for Anchor Text

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of increasing your website’s visibility in the search results. The goal is to get your site noticed by Google and other search engines to rank higher and get more traffic.

Internal Links

Internal links are links between two pages on the same website, and they’re important because they help build up the authority of those pages. If you’re linking to an internal page from another internal page within your website, you can use anchor text that describes the content on that page. This helps search engines understand what information (or topic) each page contains and which pages are most relevant for specific search terms.

External Links

External links are just as important as internal links, and they should be used appropriately as well. This is especially important if you have guest posts on other websites or blogs because they will help improve your credibility with Google and give them more information about what type of content you produce so they can better understand how it fits into their search results.

Anchor Text and Google Penalties

Google has penalized websites for unnatural link-building practices like buying links or link farms. In addition, they have also penalized sites that have excessive anchor text in their backlinks. This is simple: they want to reward high-quality sites with good content and penalize low-quality sites with poor content by lowering their rankings on search results pages (SERPs).

iBoost Web SEO in Dallas

Anchor text is still an important component in SEO, but it isn’t as strong of a ranking factor as it once was. When crafting your link-building efforts, put your best foot forward and use strategic anchor text to improve search engine rankings. If you do this while following Google’s best practices, you’ll be on the right track to better search engine rankings.

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