What Every American Needs to Know About the Bail System

You likely think that most people in jail are guilty convicted criminals doing time. The truth is, though, about 60% of incarcerated inmates haven’t gotten convicted. In fact, they haven’t even been to their criminal hearing yet!

Instead, they’re only behind bars because they can’t afford to make bail.

This bail system does have its benefits, but it’s also in desperate need of reform. Even if you’ve never faced time behind bars, you need to care about this pressing social issue.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about America’s bail system and what we can do about it.

How America’s Bail System Works

Here in America, you’re innocent until proven guilty…right? While that’s the goal, it doesn’t always feel like that when the police arrest you and take you to jail. In fact, you can’t even get free from jail until your hearing.

If you’re confused, then we’ll explain how our cash bail system works in America. When you get arrested, you get taken to jail. You’ll have an initial hearing where a judge posts a bail amount.

If you can pay that amount, then you can get out of jail. If you can’t, then you’ll be in jail until your criminal trial takes place.

Justice and Equality: Is Our Bail System Biased?

That type of bail system might sound okay to someone who is financially stable. To someone who doesn’t have access to bail money, though, it’s not a great system.

As explained above, if you can’t afford bail, you’ll stay in jail. There is an opportunity to work with a bail bonds service. This service loans you the bail money so that you can post your bail bonds in exchange for your freedom.

Bail 2 Go here is one example of this type of service.

Keep in mind, though, that bail bonds aren’t free! You will pay to use this type of service.

How Bail Problems Can Lead to False Guilty Pleas

So, what if you can’t afford bail or a bail bond service? What if you don’t understand how to post bail and you can’t access the right services to help?

One very unfortunate side effect of the system is that it leads to false guilty pleas. Pleading guilty, for some, can mean getting out of jail faster. On average, it takes 256 days for a felony case to get heard in court.

Would you be willing to wait that long in jail for just a chance to proclaim your innocence?

Justice and Liberty for All

Have you ever stopped to consider the flaws of our bail system? While America remains the justest country in the world, it can always get better! If we want to ensure justice and liberty for all, then we need to change how posting bail works.

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