What Documents are Needed for a Car Title Loan?

Learn More About the Documents Needed for a Car Title Loan!

If you are in a tough financial situation where you cannot pay an unexpected bill or expense, a title loan can be a good alternative financial resource. Depending on your title loan lender or provider, you could receive emergency cash as soon as the next business day!

When you are considering applying for cash, you may wonder, “What documents are needed to apply for a car title loan?” While the title loan process may seem confusing, it can be simpler than you think!

Read below to learn more about the documents you need to acquire a title loan from LoanMart!

What Documents are Needed for an Auto Title Loan?

So, what documents are needed for a car title loan? Although some loan options may require complex documentation, you wouldn’t have to worry about that with a title loan. In fact, the kind of paperwork you need for this requirement may already be in your house or car! 

These documents help a title loan provider verify your information and vehicle ownership. Once you collect your paperwork, you may have to submit them in the mail or in person; however, some title loan lenders or providers could allow you to upload them online! Ask your local lender if you have that option available. 

Keep in mind that some states may ask borrowers to send additional documentation, but you can expect to turn in the following general information:

The Title of Your Vehicle

Since you use your vehicle’s title as collateral for the loan, the document must be in your name. What happens if you share a name on it? That’s fine, as you may still be able to qualify for funding. However, if the car title is not in your name, you must request a title transfer at your local Department of Motor Vehicles(DMV) to inquire about an auto title loan. Not only that, but if you lost or misplaced the title, you can request a duplicate title to replace the original. 

Proof of Income

One of the main factors for eligibility is the ability to pay off car title loans. To show you receive consistent income, you can demonstrate bank statements, paystubs, invoices, benefit statements, etc. Retired people can provide pension or retirement account statements. Self-employed people can provide tax returns and business financial documents, while people with a disability can demonstrate Social Security income as proof of income. Contact your title loan lender to see if other documents are acceptable for this requirement.

Proof of Address

To acquire a car title loan in your state, you must provide proof of residence. You can choose to use credit card statements, utility bills, insurance statements, rental/lease agreements, mortgage statements, phone bills, mail, etc.

Recent Pictures of Your Car

When you apply for a title loan online, you can skip the in-person vehicle inspection! Instead of wasting time going to a physical location, you could simply take clear photos of your car using your smartphone. Make sure to take an image from each angle and show the Vehicle Identification Number(VIN #) and odometer reading. The VIN is usually located on the exterior windshield of the driver’s dashboard or on the interior of the driver’s door. Remember, talk to your title loan lender or provider to see if you can get a title loan online!

Proof of Government-Issued Identification

Borrowers must provide a government-issued photo I.D. to obtain a car title loan in their area. You could simply demonstrate your driver’s license, passport, or any other government-issued identification to validate your identity.


Title loan lenders or providers typically require personal or professional references during the title loan application. However, you can provide both types of contacts if you prefer to do that.

Be aware that you could move on to the final step in the approval process when you submit all of your necessary paperwork. Contact your lender or provider if you have any questions or concerns.

Now That You Know What Documents are Needed for a Title Loan, You Could Apply for a Car Title Loan Today!

Now that you know more about what documents are needed for a car title loan, you may be ready to apply! Do you feel like an auto title loan is right for you? It could be easy to acquire once you have all the paperwork handy! Again, if your title loan provider has an online method, you could upload your documents online. If you qualify for emergency financing, you could get your money in no time at all! 

Don’t hesitate to contact your title loan lender if you have questions about documentation. If you feel confident about that requirement, you can apply for a title loan! 

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