What are the unique features of mesh and leather chairs?

ergonomic chairs

Both the leather and mesh ergonomic chairs score high on appeal, comfort, durability, and movability. It depends on what you seek from your ergonomic chair. The choice is yours!

Let’s analyze the unique properties of mesh chairs and leather chairs based on some common parameters.


Of course, ergonomic mesh chairs and leather chairs are very comfortable. This is why they are so popular in offices and the home office, people want a soft chair to relax on. The leather office chair and mesh chair can be adjusted to the size and shape of the body. Meanwhile, comfort also depends on how long a person sits in these ergonomic chairs. In both cases, long working hours were taken into account when designing their structures and components. Some may argue that a leather chair is more comfortable because it is surrounded by padding. This is true in some sizes, but even a mesh chair can protect you from body pain and muscle tension.


No surprises, this is also an important part of deciding how comfortable an ergonomic chair is. Notably, a mesh chair facilitates better airflow into your body thanks to its fabric. You probably sweat less on a mesh chair than on a leather office chair, which absorbs more heat.


It is understandable that leather chairs are heavier than mesh chairs, but this is because they have thick padding and cushion covers. The mesh chairs, however, are lighter and move quickly. Both provide excellent comfort and adjustability, but the mesh chair doesn’t have a deep perch, which is a hallmark of an ergonomically designed leather chair. When you move your office to a new location, it is much easier to move a mesh chair than a leather chair. However, in both variants, mobility and dexterity are inseparable because they are equipped with grooves for wheels.

Design and aesthetics

Well, the ergonomic leather chair offers more flexibility and design options compared to the ergonomic mesh chair. Leather chairs are more sophisticated, elegant, and attractive. Their brown versions are pleasing to the eye. Whereas mesh chairs, which optimize money and craftsmanship, are usually only available in black and grey. Aesthetically, leather armchairs have a higher character, because they increase the quotient of work attractiveness. However, a mesh chair may be more attractive for minimalists.


The mesh chairs are primarily designed to provide you with ventilation and physical comfort at an affordable price. A leather chair is more expensive because it consists of a thick exterior, a sufficient number of pillows, and wide armrests. In addition to ergonomics, it also includes a detailed design. Given these factors, it is clear that a leather chair is more durable than a mesh chair.


This depends a lot on your spending capacity. For example, if cost reduction is a priority – as was the case during the pandemic – even large companies preferred more economical chairs. At times, the appeal governs an end-user’s buying decision, and they hardly spare a second thought on the price.

Repair and maintenance

It’s all about what constitutes the ergonomic chair. Mesh chairs require almost no repairs and maintenance. They are usually replaced with new ones when they begin to depreciate. Cleaning them is also quite easy and you will need a dry cloth to remove dust. However, the leather chairs require constant cleaning because a large amount of dust settles on the skin. Due to their complex – but ergonomic – design, a small crack, pipe, or a loose screw can hamper the functionality. Moreover, leather chairs are also prone to scratches, which can significantly damage their visual appeal. Also, replacing an ergonomic leather chair is more expensive than replacing an ergonomically designed mesh chair.


In conclusion, the most important function of an office chair is to provide comfort and convenience. Once you are confident, you can proceed with other USPs such as design, ventilation, cost, and maintenance. They also look great depending on how you define them. So, choosing an ergonomic office chair is totally your personal choice.

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