What Are the Career Benefits of Becoming a Professional Truck Driver?

America’s trucking industry is one of the driving forces behind a functional economy and supply chain. Trucks ship 72% of all goods in America, and for most communities, they are the only means of delivery.

Since it is evident that the U.S. relies on trucking, there is a need for a strong trucking workforce. If you’re looking for a great career path, you might consider becoming a professional truck driver popular group health insurance plans.

The profession is full of adventures and offers many benefits. Here are some of the career benefits you will reap when you pursue a career in truck driving.

Job Security

If you’re worried about job security, you should consider truck driving. Companies are always looking for reliable and trustworthy drivers to deliver goods. This means that whether you prefer working on long or short local routes, you will always have work.

Even when disruptive technology impacts jobs in other industries, there is a constant need to haul goods between different points. Many companies are shipping thousands of goods every day, especially with the rise of online shopping. So, you don’t have to stress yourself about layoffs or scalebacks when working as a professional truck driver.

The sense of job security will increase when you keep a safe driving record. You will be at peace knowing that you will have a job for years to come.

A High Salary

When you get into truck driving, you will worry less about having a dependable income. On average, truck drivers earn $77,527 per year. The salary varies depending on various factors, such as the company’s size and your experience.

If you’re a long-haul driver, you will earn more than a truck driver who operates locally. You will also make more if you haul hazardous or oversized loads.

Currently, there is a shortage of truck drivers in the U.S. This means that wages will keep rising to appeal to more people to join the trucking profession. When you become a truck driver, you will capitalize on this opportunity and earn a steady income.

Job Flexibility

One reason you should dump all the other career choices for truck driving is the high flexibility of this job. The profession gives you too much freedom of choice.

You can choose the days when you want to work. You can also decide whether to work during the day or at night. Depending on your employer, you can choose the type of haul you want to drive and whether you wish to operate local or long-distance routes.

As a professional truck driver, you don’t have to work every day on a 9 to 5 work schedule. You choose a schedule that allows you to have a better work-life balance.

An Opportunity to Travel

When you work as a truck driver, your employer pays you to travel the country.

It is an opportunity for you to see what lies beyond your local area while you’re still in your “office”. All you need is your trucking essentials, and you’re ready to enjoy your tour while on duty.

You get to see towns you would otherwise never have visited during your free time. When traveling long routes, you can stopover in some communities and experience their culture and lifestyle.

You can also visit places once you are done with your job duties. You have an opportunity to see the landmarks and some attractions in your neighboring state. While on your truck driving duties, you can identify vacation spots that you can later visit with your family.

Career Advancement

When working as a truck driver, you will have an opportunity to pursue other career opportunities related to the profession. For example, if you start with small and light trucks, you can seek more training to drive different types of trucks that guarantee a higher salary.

All you’ll need to do is pass the relevant commercial driver’s license (CDL) test. Online resources can help you prepare for your CDL test and save you from the frustration of failing. You can check out https://www.cdlknowledge.com/ to adequately prepare for your next exam.

Truck driving will also allow you to take up other roles, such as teaching at a truck driving school. You can also become a manager and oversee the operations of other truck drivers. Additionally, you can start your own trucking company, especially if you gain experience.

Employee Benefits

You will receive employee benefits even at the entry-level. Most employers will give you medical, vision, dental, and life insurance.

If you’re lucky, you will get referral bonuses and retirement plans. You can also get other benefits such as paid time off, vacation time, and paid holidays. Some companies will offer paid short-term disability.

You can also get educational assistance in your pursuit to become the best truck driver. Some employers will reimburse you a percentage of your driving school tuition.

These benefits will differ depending on the company or your position. However, you’re guaranteed some benefits when working in the trucking industry. Given the shortage of drivers, most trucking companies will offer benefits to retain drivers.

Intrinsic Motivation

If you have worked the standard office job, you know the mundane feeling of being in a cubicle all day. Unlike such career choices, there is nothing mundane about truck driving.

It is a career that will allow you to do something challenging and rewarding every day. You will carry different cargo and visit new cities every day. You will also meet and interact with new people often as you make deliveries.

You will feel more motivated when you overcome the challenges of navigating new areas and working with diverse people.

The independence that comes with truck driving may also motivate you. Since there is no one to boss you around, you will enjoy working autonomously. You can listen to your favorite audiobooks and absorb some new knowledge while in solitude.

Become a Professional Truck Driver for a Rewarding Experience

Finding a fulfilling career can be overwhelming, especially when you have little education. Truck driving is one profession that will never lock you out because you don’t have a college education. If you are still sitting on the fence about whether to become a professional truck driver or not, these benefits should help you make your decision.

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