What are Indiegogo marketing agencies and their services?

An early version of the Indiegogo marketing agency was founded by Danae Ringelmann, Slava Rubin, and Eric Schell in 2008. Based in San Francisco, California, the company has its headquarters. The site serves as both an online marketplace and a crowdfunding platform. A person can fundraise for a charity, a new business, or their own ideas via an Indiegogo marketing agency. On contributions to Indiegogo, 5% is charged. In addition to Stripe’s credit card processing fees of 3% plus $0.30 per transaction, these charges also apply. Each month, the site receives 15 million visitors.

The website uses a rewards-based system, meaning donors, investors, or customers can contribute and receive a gift instead of equity. Earlier in 2016, the Securities and Exchange Commission modified its privacy guidelines, permitting unaccredited investors to participate in equity-based campaigns starting in November 2016.

A service called Indiegogo Life was introduced by Indiegogo in 2014 to help people fundraise for life events such as emergencies, medical bills, or celebrations. Unlike other platforms, Indiegogo Life did not charge platform fees. Generosity.com was renamed Indiegogo Life in 2015. Stripe, a payment processing company, processes all donations made by credit card. Fees of 3 percent plus 30 cents per donation are still imposed by Stripe. So, this was about the Indiegogo marketing agency.

What are Indiegogo marketing services?

It has launched many campaigns and there is a lot to hear about Indiegogo marketing services in the market.

Through their own portal, Indiegogo accepts credit card payments directly. After a campaign ends, the funds are distributed within two weeks. As of August 2017, Indiegogo does not offer PayPal as a method of contributing. In response to a complaint about non-delivery of promised rewards, Indiegogo stated that “each campaign is run by an individual campaigner who is solely responsible for the distribution of the rewards promised.”. Neither Indiegogo nor the campaigner guarantees the fulfillment of the perks.” According to the Wall Street Journal, over 200,000 crowdfunding campaigns were launched in January 2014. Projects that have already been funded often use Indiegogo for publicity or distribution.

Here are a few of the successful Indiegogo campaigns:

  • “Stick-N-Find, a campaign that has raised $861,165
  • Bug-a-Salt, a company that makes a gun that shoots salt to kill flies, and raised $577,546
  • Earthworm Jim: The Comic Book, a fundraising project in which $815,676 was raised
  • Let’s Build a Goddamn Tesla Museum, a campaign that raised $1.3 million

Ubuntu Edge’s smartphone crowdfunding campaign was launched by Canonical Ltd. on 24 July 2013 via Indiegogo. Crowdfunding campaigns cannot set targets higher than this. Despite this, the campaign only managed to raise $12.8 million, falling short of its target, and no funds were released.

Late in 2014, Indiegogo launched a crowdfunding campaign to publish an English Wikipedia book, but it failed to raise the funding it needed.

After being shown a clear case of fraud in April 2014, Indiegogo responded by removing its anti-fraud guarantee.

The Forever Funding program, developed by Indiegogo in 2014, allows crowdfunding campaigns to continue raising funds after the campaign period has ended. It was later renamed “InDemand”.

Indiegogo Marketing Agency Campaign Rules

It is not permitted for users between the ages of 13 and 17 to use the site without the consent of their parents or legal guardians. In addition, campaign owners may not run a campaign that claims to achieve something impossible or raises funds for illegal activities.

There must be no financial incentive, or interest in the company, or interest in the venture, if the campaign offers perks. Alcohol, substances that are addictive, firearms or ammunition, and games of chance are not permitted in the campaign. There can be no campaigns promoting hate, harm to others, death or property damage, or distribution of materials that infringe on their rights.


Now, I’m sure you must have understood about IndieGoGo marketing agency and IndieGoGo marketing services.

Indiegogo has successfully launched many campaigns in the market.

So, what are your thoughts about Indiegogo marketing agency and Indiegogo marketing services?

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