Wedding Guide: How to Choose Wedding Flowers by Season? 

Choosing flowers without considering the climate conditions can be a huge disappointment. Non-seasonal flowers can easily get damaged and dehydrated when exposed to harsh climate conditions or unsuitable climate conditions. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to choose flowers keeping in mind the climate conditions. Moreover, seasonal flowers often tend to last longer than non-seasonal ones and can be easily available anywhere at affordable prices. 

If you are having budget constraints and would like to save some money on decoration, then seasonal flowers can do wonders for you. No matter when you plan to get married, there will always be some flowers that can help you live your dream wedding. 

Keep reading this article till the end to discover some stunning seasonal flower options that you can consider using in your wedding decoration and different flower arrangements without compromising anything. 

  1. Spring season flowers 

Spring is the season of new beginnings. Here are some flowers you can choose for your spring wedding 

  • Peonies 

Peonies are available only for five weeks during the spring season. They can be a perfect choice for early spring weddings. 

  • Gardenia 

Gardenia flowers are delicate blooms that can be used anywhere in your decoration. You can either use these flowers for decorating wedding centerpieces, stages, entrances, etc. These flowers can also be used as an individual touch on place settings. 

  • Jasmine 

Jasmine is well known for its delicious fragrance and beautiful appearance. These flowers are perfect for spring weddings. You incorporate jasmine floral decorations into hairstyles or bridal bouquets. This way you add some freshness to your wedding look. 

  1. Summer season flowers

Summer weddings are all about bright and vibrant colors. Let us now look at some top wedding flowers you can use in your summer wedding.

  • Daisies 

It is nearly impossible to imagine a summer wedding without daisies. Daisies are known as cheerful white and yellow blooms that are simply perfect for whimsical and bohemian-inspired wedding arrangements. 

  • Lavender 

Lavender flowers are ideal flower options for rustic or vintage-themed weddings. The best part of lavender blooms is that they can be used in any decoration, including ceremony chair decoration, wedding tables, glass bottles, and others.

  • Hydrangea 

Hydrangea flowers are widely used in bridal bouquets. Due to their voluminous and beautiful blooms, these flowers become an ideal choice for bridal bouquets. Two or three hydrangea flowers are sufficient to create a voluminous bouquet. 

  1. Fall season flowers 

Here are some popular fall season flowers to choose from for your fall wedding celebration. 

  • Calla Lilies 

Calla lilies are famous for their unique trumpet-shaped blooms. These flowers are available in a wide range of colors, such as pink, peach, orange, and yellow. You can choose the color that fits your wedding color palette.   

  • Tulips 

Tulips are often considered luxury flowers due to their symbolic status. If you wish to install luxury flowers that can last for a longer period, then tulip flowers are all you need. 

  • Cymbidium Orchid  

Cymbidium orchids come in different shapes, sizes, and varieties. They are available in different colors such as pink, yellow, orange, and burgundy color tones. 

  1. Winter season flowers 

Lastly, winter weddings are always memorable. Let us look at some amazing blooms you can use in your winter wedding decoration. 

  • Sweet Pea

Sweet pea flowers are quite popular for their ruffled and beautifully textured appearance. These come in coral, peach, and white color options. You can use leaves in your decoration to add aesthetic value to your arrangements. 

  • Delphinium 

Delphinium flowers are tall and can be used alone as a wedding centerpiece decoration. Furthermore, you can also use these flowers for your bridal bouquet. 

  • Poppies

Poppies are an ideal option for weddings taking place during the early winter months. As they grow during the early winter season, you will be able to enjoy and install fresh poppy blooms decorations at your wedding venue. 

You can install non-seasonal floral arrangements in places that are not exposed to the sun or harsh weather conditions. This will help you secure your flowers from further damage.  

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