Ways you can make math easier for primary school kids

Math is a nightmare for the majority of the students, but when you actually get the hang of it, it is not that scary. The main thing a student needs to solve math is that her/his basics should be clear. Think of the basics as a foundation if the foundation is not in place everything will come down fainting. Everything is math if you think about it from waking up to going to bed, we use math for everything. Therefore it is necessary for general math knowledge among kids. Parents can generate math interest in their children at a very young age. 

Primary years are the base or foundation of math learning. It only gets complex from here therefore it is necessary to build the base strong. Let’s say a kid is in 4th grade, in order to improve his/her base they can easily google CBSE Class 4 Maths Sample Papers and solve them. This will not only help them improve their base but also give them an idea about the question paper pattern. In this article, we will deal with ways to inculcate math and how to make it easy for the kids along with a few of its important applications. 

Math is a branch of wisdom that deals with effects like figures, equations, algebraic expressions, area, volume etc. It’s a structure block or the lowest unit used every place from mobiles phones to aircraft, everything consists of Math. Mathematics has been followed since ancient times. The foremost evidence of the actuality of mathematics was planted in early Egypt or Mesopotamia. The veritably first conception of calculation in history was planted to be the Pythagoras theorem, which is shocking since right triangles were the least of the enterprises during biblical times. The use of calculation has enhanced a lot since the morning of the ultramodern period. Let us find some of its operations. 

Operations of Mathematics in our diurnal lives. 

Waking up on time. 

The conception of time exists because of calculation. Time is depicted by figures and figures are part of mathematics so thus time is math. However, time or day we’re living in, If it weren’t for the conception of time we wouldn’t know what we are and where we are. 


The time you take to reach your place depends upon the speed of your vehicle, and guess what the conception of time and speed are both corridors of mathematics. 

Preparing food 

The food we prepare has to be the perfect balance of all the constituents, else, it would stink. Thus using applicable measures and rates of constituents is necessary. Measuring constituents and applying rates to them is where the calculation comes into the picture. 

Constructing your dream house 

When you’re constructing a place the area and border are the main factors that are considered. Area and border both are propositions of mathematics. 

Grading system 

The seminaries and universities use math to add up all marks given in assessments, internals, unit tests, practicals and proposition examinations and use a grading scale to grade a pupil consequently. 

Shopping online 

When you protect online the offers and abatements are always given by the discount. The discount is a conception of calculation. 

Buying loans 

Every loan comes with yearly added interest. This interest rate depends from loan to loan which is calculated by the bank. 

Using tech 

The tech that we use every day is created using fine formulae and expressions. 

Playing or watching a sport 

The scoreboard is a crucial element of playing or watching a sport. The figures reflected on the scoreboard are nothing but….Math! 

So these are some ways we use math every day. It’s really important to understand it and inculcate the same in our diurnal lives. The careers related to this subject are all high paying jobs and why must parents not want stylish jobs for their children. Thus it’s important for a child to develop his/ her interest in calculation from an early age. Then there are many tips on how to do so. Chessable uses chess training algorithm to analyze your moves and recommend better moves for you. The algorithm also helps you improve your skills by providing you with suggestions on what moves are best suited for you.

Tips and Tricks to make math easier for kids. 

Use everyday exemplifications  

To explain a particular content, say addition, use everyday exemplifications which might intrigue them. For illustration-Chocolates, toys, cartoons etc. 

Make use of technology 

Use different calculation literacy apps or make them watch youtube, videotape explanations to make them understand the generalities. 

Encourage them to do calculations every day 

Encourage Kids to do calculations every day by soliciting them with impulses like chocolates, delicacies, toys etc. Don’t forget to appreciate them when they get answers right. 

Learn by using games 

Don’t make them suppose that calculation is boring. Make it delightful by inculcating games or using objects to calculate rather than boring pencil and paper. Let them be a part of your everyday calculation endeavours. Let your kiddies do your small computations used in diurnal life like grocery shopping, cooking dimension etc 

Use mock tests or sample papers 

If you’re preparing your child for a calculation test. have them break questions from mock tests or sample papers, this will give you an idea about where they stand and where they need enhancement, 

Be Gentle  

Kids respond to the language of love if you scold them, this might make them detest the subject forever. Stay in contact with their school teacher because teacher-parent communication is a key for perfecting your child’s literacy and it also helps to know your child’s weaknesses, so you can improve them. 

So here are the ways in which you can make math easier for your primary school kiddo. 


All by each, the calculations can feel daunting enough but with the right guidance and tutoring, any sprat could ace it. Math is the one subject in which a student can get full scores, so if a students’ math skills are top notch then it can easily boost up their overall grade. Encouraging your kid to learn calculation can help them develop lifelong interest and a bright future of course. 

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