Visiting the fashion capital of the world? What outfits to pack-girl edition

The best way to enjoy a city is to eat, wear, and behave like a city-dweller, not a tourist. The same is true for Paris. The original fashion capital of the world gets thousands of tourists every year. And irrespective of the season, you will find every Parisian dressed their best and looking dashing. Here is the perfect guide if you want to look the best without looking like a tourist. When traveling to the world’s fashion capital, you may be nervous about what to pack and what not to pack. Right?

To ensure this dilemma doesn’t encourage you to overpack, here is the perfect solution.


  • Jeans

Springtime is perfect for wearing jeans day and night. If you pair your jeans well, they are the most fashionable piece of cloth. Also, it helps you look like you are local, and moving around the love capital becomes easier in jeans. Want to be more authentic? Then buy jeans from French clothing by blue illusion for a perfect outfit. Pack dark colors as they gel well with most tops without getting dirty. 

  • Skirts

Another must for springs is skirts: pack at least one long skirt and one short or midi one. If you wear the short skirt and feel cold, pair them with thermal stockings, and you are good to go. Long or midi skirts paired with crop tops go well with a warm day. 

  • Leather or low-waist bomber jacket

Layering is always a nice fashion statement. When you layer your nice patterned or crop top with a leather jacket, you enhance your entire outfit by a ton. So, don’t forget to pack your leather jacket. Also, you can pack a low-waist bomber jacket, as that’s equally comfortable and stylish.

  • Rain jacket

In spring, especially around May, Paris experiences rain. Therefore, pack a lightweight rain jacket to ensure the fun doesn’t stop.

  • Dresses

Pack your favorite dresses and wear them during the daytime. You will not need to wear jackets over dresses during the day in the springs. Pack one floral dress and one black dress! The latter is a must.

  • Shoes

During spring, it’s best to wear boots or sneakers. The latter will help you navigate the streets made of cobblestone with ease. But packing one or two heels for your dresses isn’t a bad option either.


  • Sweater and cardigans

Dresses, jeans, and tops, everyone packs. However, winter in Paris is harsh. Thus, packing for that is essential. That means layering up. So, pack open cardigans that can go with your tops and skinny jeans. Also, pack sweaters and pair them with jeans or loose pants.

  • Long coats

Ensure you carry long wool coats either in grey or black colors. Of course, you can take other colors too. However, these two colors go with most outfits and keep you warm.

  • Scarves

Scarves are a fashion statement in Paris. You will see every Parisian wearing a scarf no matter the time of the year. However, you cannot go without scarves in winter, as it’s too cold. So pack a cashmere or wool scarf and enjoy your vacation in style.

  • Leather boots

You may find yourself inclined to pack uggs, but don’t! No one wears them in Paris. So instead, go with leather boots and warm socks.

Other essential non-outfit things to pack

  • Bag

A backpack with all essentials is a must. Do carry a sling/clutch for when you are going for dinner or a show. A travel bag with all documents is another item to carry.

  • Accessories

Do pack accessories according to your dresses and occasion.

  • Sunglasses

Never forget to pack your sunglasses when visiting the original fashion capital of the world.

  • Sunscreen

Irrespective of the season, you will be out a lot during your visit. So, pack sunscreen to keep the tan and wrinkles away.

  • Passport copy

When out and about in the city, carry the passport copy. The original can stay in the hotel, but carrying a copy of all documents is a must.

According to the season, these outfit ideas are your guide to looking fashionable without giving a touristy vibe. Moreover, if you are going to an event, pack accordingly. Also, add your personality to each outfit. Otherwise, it will not be complete.

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