Ultimate Guide to Buying Top California Fake Ids Online

California is a prime state of the US and a haven of technology. The sandy beaches and wonderful nightlife are prime attractions for the state. Therefore, many people wish to come to California for a luxurious vacation. Nonetheless, like any of the states of America, California is a no-easy-go zone for those without identity cards. There are police checks in every entry of the state. Therefore, the intruders who dream of having a vacation in California must pose a California id card by any means. Additionally, the age limit is a key issue for entry into the social joints in California. Therefore, even the residents struggle to enter the bars and clubs without having the prerequisite age requirements, among other issues.

Therefore, many residents of California and visitors seek Fake California id cards to gain entry into the state. Additionally, there are many sellers of fake California id cards online. Nonetheless, not all sellers of fake id cards online are legit. Most of the online sellers of fake id cards do not produce quality fake id cards online. It is not good for the fake id card user to be nabbed by the police on the first use of the fake id card. Therefore., it requires the user to search for legit sellers of fake id cards online. This article has prepared an ultimate guide to buy top California fake ids online.

  1. Know your state regulations on Id cards. 

Before purchasing a fake top California Id online, it is essential to understand the regulations of fake id cards in your state. It is important to understand that to some states, possessing a fake id card is a crime, while to some states, it is not. Therefore, make yourself conversant with the regulations of the id card in your state. It is risky to purchase an online fake id when your state prohibits the possession of fakes id as a top crime. However, the good news is that in most US states, possessing a fake id card does not result in a top crime. Most police offer would take third-category felony charges against students found possessing fake id cards and only charge them with disorderly person charges, not a crime.

  1. Do a thorough search on the sellers of top California fake IDs online. 

After conversing with the regulations of the fake id cards in your state, you can now start searching on the top sellers of fake Californian id online. Your basic search should start at google. Google ranks the top fake California id sellers online in the first choices in the google search. However, it is advisable to skip the first few choices with ads. These companies pay huge amounts sot google for their websites to appear in the search engines. However, check on the organically placed websites by google without ads. These websites are the ranking best choices by google sophisticated metrics. They could be the best top California fake id card sellers online.

However, you can also get referrals from the top California fake id card sellers from friends and relatives.

  1. Verify the quality of the California fake id sellers 

it is advisable to verify the recommended fake id sellers to ascertain whether they deliver quality fake id cards. Verification of fake ID card sellers can be obtained by checking the reviews and testimonials. Past customers can attest that the quality of the product matter a lot. Therefore, check on the reviews of this website online and from past customers to ascertain their legitimacy. The quality of the fake id cards is very important. Therefore, seek to understand both the quality of the fake id cards and the sellers’ customer service. Buying fake id cards online is more difficult than buying physical fake identity cards. The physical cards allow you to taste the quality of the printing and a few other physical severity features. However, buying online means you cannot test the physical features before receiving the card. Therefore, be careful when verifying the qualities of the card online.

  1. Check on the security details of the card. 

Like any US state, California has security details discrete from one state to the other. Therefore, California has special security details on its identity cards. Therefore, even if you cannot ascertain these security details physically in your online purchased card before the card is delivered, insist on checking on these security details from the online photo of the id card. Some of these security details include the following:

  1. Ghost Image
  2. Gold Prospector in the background
  3. Tactile signature below photo and DOB on the right side.
  4. Laser perforated bear.
  5. UV images in the DOB and golden gate bridge.
  6. A grizzly bear in front of the ID.
  7. Check scannable details 

Scannable details of the California id are also among the security details. Therefore, check whether the card has a magnetic stripe on the rear page. Additionally, check on whether the scannable bar is also present. These bars should include the engraved details of the cardholder.

  1. Price 

Price should not be a prime issue in identifying a legit seller of the fake id card. However, it should not miss in the consideration factors. A legitimate seller would reasonably price their products. Most of these id cards range between $100 TO $400. At this price range, the seller should also give a duplicate id card with the fake id card so that in case the user loses the card, they can use the duplicate.


Choosing the right top California fake id card seller online is not a walk in the park. Buying online means that you are limited in physical features to check in the card you were buying in a physical shop. However, in this article, we have provided the steps to consider before choosing an online seller. If you stick to these verifications before purchasing the California fake id card online, you will not end up with a low-quality fake id card. You should also insist that the printout be made on polycarbonate material. You can only verify this when the fake id card is delivered.

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