Types of RC vehicles you can buy

RC cars are a hobby that has been around for decades. And it is not just for kids anymore. RC vehicles, like cars, trucks, boats, bikes, etc., can provide many hours of fun for adults and children. The good thing about them is that you have many options before choosing one. Are you looking for something to drive on pavement or off-road? Do you want something fast to race against other people’s vehicles or slow enough so your kids can play with it? Do you want a tiny toy one or something like an 18-wheeler? Below are some of the best RC cars that you can own.

On-road automobiles

You can buy RC vehicles designed for on-road or off-road use, but the most common type is an on-road car. These are great for beginners because they have fewer parts that could break and are easy to control. On-road ones also tend to be less expensive than their off-road counterparts.

Besides being a good choice for beginners, on-road vehicles are perfect for kids who want to drive without the fear of damage from bumps and crashes in grassy fields (or wherever else your kid might go). Some parents may be concerned about damages if their child gets into an accident with another vehicle or person, but don’t worry. Many manufacturers offer protective bumpers as accessories to customize your car’s look and protection levels.

Off-road cars

These rally cars are designed to handle rougher surfaces and terrain. Because of this aspect, they’re generally more expensive than on-road cars but also more durable, allowing them to be used in off-road competitions. 

The most common types of off-road vehicles are crawlers and buggies. Small cars with large wheels can traverse rough terrain easily, while the latter has larger ground clearance for more excellent stability when going over obstacles.

Race automobiles

Race cars are the most expensive and competitive cars you can buy. They are built to compete in races and have powerful motors and batteries. But cheaper options are available if you want something fun to drive around your yard! If you want to get into racing, this is your best bet for quality equipment.


Drift cars are great for drifting. If you’re new to RC cars, drifting may sound like an unusual dance move. But it’s a racing vehicle where drivers attempt to slide around corners at high speeds. Drift cars are for hobbyists who enjoy going fast and sliding around corners in a controlled manner.

They are not popular with racing enthusiasts because they perform poorly on straightaways and aren’t very competitive in other types of events like drag races or autocross, where you try to complete specific courses as quickly as possible. However, if you are looking for something fun that can go fast or slow depending on how much traction is under your tires, then buying a drift car might be right up your alley!

Crawlers and rock crawlers

You can buy two types of RC cars – crawlers and rock crawlers. The latter is designed to go over rough terrain and not on the road, while the former is used for both types of driving. Rock crawlers have large wheels with high ground clearance that allow them to climb steep rocks and boulders without getting stuck. They are also equipped with particular weight transfer parts that help keep their balance as they traverse uneven terrains. On the other hand, crawler models have low-profile tires that allow them to easily navigate narrow trails despite their bulkier size than rock crawler models. Both vehicles make great gifts for kids who love adventure and thrill.

Trucks, monster trucks, and buggies

Trucks, monster trucks, and buggies are all good for off-road driving. Trucks are 4×4 vehicles used for various purposes, including driving on rough terrain. Monster trucks are similar to regular trucks but have a much higher top speed and lower torque ratio, meaning they can quickly go over jumps and bumps without getting stuck in the mud! Buggy is an off-road vehicle with four wheels that was initially designed for racing with other buggies during the 1960s when they became popular due to their high-speed capabilities.


Bikes can be used for racing and stunt driving because they are so durable. Bikes are also less expensive than other types of RC vehicles. Used for recreational purposes, radio-controlled bikes are made quite realistic with a driver on the seat. The chain system mimics the one in a real motorcycle. Each section of a bike is carefully designed to give optimum satisfaction. 


If you are starting in the world of radio control vehicles, there is no need to buy an expensive model. A cheaper entry-level one will allow you to test out your control skills. Fortunately, there are so many radio-controlled models in the market that you can quickly get into a hobby. With so many best RC cars at various price points, it should be easy to find one that suits your needs and budget. RC cars are thrilling for all age groups. And it is always fun to get involved in something new and exciting.


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