Two Way Radios and Walkie Talkies- Know the difference

There are different types of devices used to communicate with one another. Primarily and one of the oldest in the slot are radios. The evolution of radios over time is also pretty enormous. The present popular one among the public is the two-way radio. Many brands have come up with varieties in these, and the most popular is the Motorola two way radios.

However, one common misdirection customers face is to see frequent listings of two-way radios as walkie talkies. This had redirected the consumers of the common line of products as many even perceive that the walkies talkie is always inferior to the two-way radio.  A walkie talkie is completely different from a two-way radio, except in a few other countries like the US. There it is always considered to be interchangeable and even refer to the same things.

Other than this, there is a universal difference between a two-way radio and a walkie talkie. There are never the same things, and many people tend to misjudge each of their qualities. This article will provide a detailed distinction between how each of them works.

  • Two-Way Radio

It is a radio that operates both ways. Not only does it have the ability to transmit a signal, but it also receives it, as against most radios which only does one of them. It also works in both half-duplex as well as full-duplex modes. The former allows the radio to perform with the transmission or receiving but not both. However, the latter performs both the function.

Due to this, a two-way radio is also known as a transceiver as it can perform two functions. Many popular brands manufacture radios, and the most popular of them is the Motorola two-way radios.

The two-way radios offer an easy solution to connect teams and for an efficient work atmosphere. The team members can even be connected in a sales setup where one doesn’t stop talking to the customer. All of these and the information can be safely transmitted with no fear to any stranger hearing.  The modern two-way radios are also very well designed to suit modern styles.

  • Walkie Talkie

This is a radio that can be portable and acts as a two-way radio. Moreover, they can help in one’s hand and used.  A walkie talkie is also known as a handy talkie as it has a transceiver that is handheld. It would help the user to talk even while they are moving around the house or the office.

What is the difference?

From what is understood, all walkie talkies are two-way radios, but two-way radios are not always a walkie talkie. When it comes to the portability of radios, their answer would mostly be a no. There are no portable radios that act as handheld. For instance, mobile radio is not portable as it is always mounted onto a desk, inside a vehicle, or even in a wall mounting of a base station.

When it comes to preferences, many prefer the two-way radios, especially those belonging to GMRS, CB, air bands, marine. Even while referring to certain products, many prefer to use the term two-way radios. For instance, portable handheld radios that are amateur as referred to as two-way radios and not as walkie talkies.

Why the confusion?

To the question- why? Earlier during the ties of WWI and WW II, the militants used the portable backpack transceivers. Later they began to be acknowledged as radios of consumer-grade. The low power radios were also termed the same. It has become a habit for people to mistake the walkie talkie for two-way radio and even prefer not to buy those labelled as walkie talkies.

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