Top Locations Where Celebrities Stay in Vienna

If you do not know where to stay during NYE, Austria will be a great discovery for you. This country is a fusion of unusual nature and centuries-old architecture. As many tourists from Tripadvisor say, Vienna, the capital of Austria, is a magical city that attracts visitors with its extremely beautiful architecture and art. Austria is also beloved by many celebrities. And not only its picturesque views inspire famous people to visit local places or even to buy. A special taste and exceptional service make this country one of the most popular tourist destinations. Let’s discover together all the must-visit places in Austria recommended by celebrities.

Victoria’s Secret Model Irina Shayk – Kitzbühel

The small town of Kitzbühel, located in the heart of the mountains of the province of Tyrol – is a real paradise for lovers of ski resorts. You can immerse yourself in the world of mountain nature or stroll through the center of Kitzbüheland and come across trendy cafes, shops, and restaurants. The whole world loves Kitzbühel; therefore, many prestigious world events are held there. One of such meetings was organized during the “Audi Night” in 2016. And even Irina Shayk, a world-famous model, visited Kitzbühel.

Caitlyn Jenner – Life Ball in Vienna

Austria is not just a country for travel. This is an opportunity to show support for those who need it. This is why the Vienna Life Ball is held annually — the largest charity event aimed to provide support and understanding for people who struggle with AIDS or HIV. The whole world, including celebrities, is interested in such events. Many stars arrive at the Life Ball, attracting even more attention. In particular, Caitlyn Jenner visited Austria on this occasion. If you feel like helping people or changing your current location, think now about where to buy apartments in Vienna so as not to miss out on the next Life Ball.

Daniel Craig – Tyrolean Alps in Soelden

Are you ready to meet a place familiar to millions of Daniel Craig fans? That’s right, this is a famous Austrian resort – Soelden, located in the Tyrol Schistose Alps. This is where the filming of the world-famous “Spectre” took place. Soelden is also a popular ski resort. All lovers of skiing and snowboarding will be surprised by the local landscapes and mountain ranges.

Patrick Dempsey – Austrian Grand Prix Training Session in Spielberg

What about racing? The 8th round of 2014’s “Formula” 1 was held in Spielberg. This event brought together many influential people and celebrities. In 2019, Patrick Dempsey visited the Austrian Grand Prix Training Session in Spielberg. Even during the pandemic, these incredible races attracted over a hundred thousand people who adored speed. Hurry up to buy tickets to the Austrian Grand Prix now, because this opportunity should not be missed!

Kim Kardashian – the Vienna Ball

To feel like a queen or a king, you must visit the Vienna Ball. This is an incredibly beautiful event of classic Viennese traditions of music and dance. It has been held in Vienna since the 18th century. But at the beginning of its history, only nobles could take part in the Vienna Ball. Over the years, the ball has become available to all. It is not enough to just buy a ticket and rent apartments in Vienna to visit the Vienna Ball. You should follow the dress code specified in the program and know certain types of dances. Otherwise, you simply will not be allowed inside, because the organizers care about the authenticity of this event. By the way, get ready to meet celebrities like Kim Kardashian there.

Jason Statham – over The Icy Roads in Kitzbühel

Let’s go back to Kitzbühel one more time. And again, we will meet celebrities – this time, it’s Jason Statham. This connoisseur of cars and speed has become a welcome guest at “Audi Night.” At this festival, Jason Statham had the opportunity to test the Audi R8 supercar. As the Icy Roads were too dangerous to drive on, the celebrity enjoyed the snow-covered mountain roads of Kitzbühel.

Pamela Anderson – in Henndorf

If you want to experience Austria and its ancient traditions, you should definitely visit Henndorf. This town hosts the Easter Market annually. When you come there, you will feel like a native Austrian, because its organizers have focused a lot on local traditions. You can find all the colors of spring at the Easter Market in Henndorf — eggs, animals, and many attributes of Easter. That’s why even the gorgeous Pamela Anderson was interested in this event.

Liv Tyler – in the Mountains of Altaussee

Nowadays, everyone needs to take a rest from the information world in the mountains. The mountains of Altaussee are an ideal place to relax from the hustle and bustle of the city. This place cannot be described in words. Besides the mountains, there is also a lake and many opportunities to relax actively, including hiking and skiing. And, maybe, you will climb the mountain with Liv Tyler because celebrities from all over the world come here.

South African Princess Charlize Theron – Tiergarten Schönbrunn in Vienna

One day, walking around the Vienna Zoo, you may come across a princess – Charlize Theron. And you certainly did not expect this! Indeed, this zoo deserves the attention of even the Hollywood star. It is one of the oldest zoos, which was opened in the 18th century. It is located in Schönbrunn Palace’s park, and the area amounts to 42 acres. Here, you can meet more than 8,000 animals of 700 species. This is the best zoo in Europe, so do not think too long, rent an apartment in Vienna and see for yourself!

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