Top 8 Tips to Maintaining A Profitable Home Renovation Business

Are you ready to make your home renovation business more profitable? If so, congratulations. It probably means that you are doing the right thing.

Before you proceed with maintaining a profitable home renovation business, there is one thing you have to remember. You’ve got to think like a business owner first.

Of course, this does not mean you should lower the quality of your work. However, it does mean that you will have to prioritize the bigger picture.

You will have to carefully think about how you will grow your business, how you will invest your people and resources, how you will market your company, and how you will get to the next level.

Here are the top 8 tips to help you maintain a profitable home renovation business.

Change Is Good

If you want to be successful in the home renovation industry, one of the keys to remember is adaptability.

You have probably noticed in the recent recession that construction is a pretty volatile industry. If you aren’t willing to make changes in your business to keep up with the changing trends, you should expect failure down the line.

Thus, make sure you accept changes in your business. Perhaps you should use a pneumatic butterfly valve instead of a traditional one. Perhaps you need to add more employees to improve productivity.

Invest In Your Business

You’ve got to invest money and time in your company if you want to gain more business. This includes purchasing new technology and tools when required.

This also includes training your employees regularly so that they’ll be updated with the latest advancements in home renovation technology.

You should also invest in marketing your business actively so more people will notice your company.

Lead Your People And Manage Your Business

You should not manage your employees. You have to lead them. You should be an excellent leader and your employees will follow you no matter what.

If you attempt to manage all aspects of your employees’ job, they’ll think that you’ve got no confidence in their skills.

Because of this, you should make yourself a leader and lead your employees.

Set Profitability Goals

You have to set profit margin goals if you want to maintain the overall profitability of your business.

Maybe you want to handle bigger projects or make the jump from residential projects to commercial ones.

Understanding your business plans for the long-term will enable you to set achievable profitability and revenue goals to get you where you want to be.

Also, it will help shape the kinds of projects you accept and guide your estimators on the markup percentage they need to shoot for on every project to help you achieve your goals.

Understand Your Expenses

If you want to improve or maintain your profitability, you have to know the expenses associated with finishing every project. You should consider your overhead expenses, aside from the job costs.

You will have a hard time understanding how profitable you are on every project if you do not have a sense of what your jobs cost to finish.

Project expenses include everything directly required to finish a project. This includes permits, fuel, bonding premiums, circuit breaker supplier, equipment rental expenses, supplies, materials, labor, and more.

To make things simple, any item that pertains to expenses on the actual job site is part of your project expenses.

Boost Productivity

To make things simple, productivity is the measurement of the effectiveness of the effort. You can measure productivity rates as overall output per unit of input.

Improving productivity on a project means you have to work efficiently to stay on schedule and control expenses.

If your project is done ahead of schedule and under budget, it will lead to higher profit margins. Because of this, a lot of home renovation businesses are always looking to boost productivity.

Check Your Resources

One question you need to ask yourself is “How will I get more clients?”.

If you want to expand your business, should you hire a supervisor to oversee each project?

As your project increases, your workload increases as well. Thus, you will require more employees, as well as better tools to accommodate your needs.

Carefully consider how you will scale up your resources as demand for your business grows.

Have A Vision

Do you know how you’ll grow your business? If you think that all you need to do is to accept all projects that you receive, you are extremely wrong.

Always be strategic about how you’ll grow. It might be better if you specialize in a particular aspect of home renovation.

Specializing will set you apart. However, before you can specialize, you will have to invest in knowing more about DIY.


Maintaining the profitability of your home renovation business might be a bit challenging. This is particularly true since the market is already saturated.

However, if you follow the tips above, you can easily make your business more profitable.

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