Top 6 Quest Reward Items You Can’t Miss In WoW Season Of Discovery Phase 2

As you gear up for WoW Season of Discovery Phase 2, it’s essential to compile a Best in Slot (BiS) list or, at the very least, conduct research on valuable and easily attainable items. Below is a compilation of top 6 utility/PvP quest reward items obtainable for Phase 2 or at level 40!

If you can get them early, you can get a lot of SOD Gold for it.

1. Nifty Stopwatch (Trinket)

First up, we have the Nifty Stopwatch from the quest “This Is Going To Be Hard” (Badlands). 

WoW SoD Nifty Stopwatch

The quest is relatively straightforward, although it involves completing two separate quest chains initially. Make sure to acquire Frost Oil from an Alchemist or the Auction House and a Gyrochronatom from a vendor before embarking on this quest, as they are necessary for the first 2 quest chains. Of course you need to prepare enough WoW Classic SoD Gold in advance.

The other necessary chain requires you to eliminate and loot bracers from Earth Elementals of varying levels around Blasted Lands, completing a total of 3 quests.

When you have done these 2 chains, you will get 3 other quests which of one will lead you to talk to the Gnome next to the quest keeper and back again to summon a bluish Earth Elemental called Fam’retor Guardian. Kill it and loot Lotwil’s Shackles of Elemental Bindings. Hand in and you are 1 Nifty Stopwatch richer. 

Noteworthy is that the other 2 quests that become available at this point are a trade type of quests, and you might want to do them also while you’re here. 

So, grab Patterned Bronze Bracers, 1 Healing Potion, and 1 Lesser Invisibility Potion to get this quest done and receive Enchanted Stonecloth Bracers and a recipe for Lesser Stoneshield Potion and 2 of the same kind of potions.

2. Mark Of The Chosen (Trinket)

The trinket Mark of the Chosen proves to be among the top items for physical DPS and tanks in WoW Season of Discovery Phase 2, with its effectiveness relying on frequent hits. It holds great value for PvP, tanks, and solo content. 

WoW SoD Mark Of The Chosen (Trinket)

Acquiring the Mark of the Chosen involves completing the quest “The Pariah’s Instructions,” obtained from Centaur Pariah in southern Desolace.

Initiating the quest requires defeating an elite centaur named The Nameless Prophet, found wandering near the stone door area at the entrance of the cave leading to various sections of the Maraudon dungeon. 

Upon defeat, The Nameless Prophet drops the Amulet of Spirits, a crucial component for combining all the other necessary gems in this quest. 

Next, you need to find 5 Kahns and get their gems:

  • The first Kahn is located just outside a little room where you create the portal to Inner Maraudon, aka the middle part. 
  • The second Kahn is located outside the portal of the purple path, hanging with the Rock Elementals. 
  • Magra, the third Kahn, is located outside the portal of the orange path in the stairs area. 
  • The next 2 Kahns are actually inside the Maraudon instance. Maraudos, the fourth Kahn, is located on the purple side, then the fifth Kahn is located on the orange side. 

Remember to activate the Kahns using the amulet from The Nameless Prophet. When you have collected all 5 gems from different Kahns, use one of them to form the Amulet of Union and head back to the quest giver in southern Desolace.

  1. Shoni’s Disarming Tool (Offhand Axe)

The next item on this list is Shoni’s Disarming Tool from the quest “Gyrodrillmatic Excavation”. The quest is Alliance-only, though. 

WoW SoD Shoni's Disarming Tool (Offhand Axe)

This quest is inside Gnomeregan, but I’m quite positive it will be available even if Gnomeregan is going to be in a raid environment. At least in the BFD, most of the quest remained intact. 

The collectible quest item Robo-Mechanical Guts is dropped from literally almost every single mob inside Gnomeregan. It should be easy to complete in 1 to 2 runs. 

The item’s ultimate usefulness remains a question. I managed to discover information suggesting that the proc rate is approximately 2 procs per minute. I trust this information is helpful if you are contemplating whether to acquire this item or not.

4. Carrot On A Stick (Trinket)

The fourth item on this list is the Carrot on a Stick from the quest “Gahz’rilla” (Thousand Needles).

WoW SoD Carrot On A Stick

You receive the quest from Shimmering Flats, and the hand-in takes place in the same location with Wizzle Brasstbolts. I’m quite certain you don’t require any prerequisites for this one, although you may be directed to speak with Wizzle.

If you’re unfamiliar with how this quest is completed, I’ll go through it briefly here. You don’t actually need any quest to do the part where you get the Mallet of Zul’Farrak to summon Gahz’rilla, which is quite unique in WoW. Usually, this stuff is linked to a quest, but not this one. 

First, you need to head to The Hinterlands, a spider area, and kill an elite called Qiaga the Keeper. She will drop you a Sacred Mallet. When you have collected the Sacred Mallet, it needs to be formed into the Mallet of Zul’Farrak, and this is done in The Hinterlands elite area on top of Jintha’Alor. Do this in a group. 

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get any Jintha’Alor quest because of the level cap 40. The Mallet of Zul’Farrak is actually used to summon Gahz’rilla inside Zul’Farrak. 

Gahz’rilla is summoned in this area highlighted from the Zul’Farrak by hitting a Gong near a pool with your Mallet. Kill him and loot his Electrified Scale and turn in to get your mount speed trinket.

5. Skull Of Impending Doom (Offhand)

Moving on to a significant item, it stands as one of the most sought-after in Classic WoW SoD – The Skull of Impending Doom, obtained through the quest “Forbidden Knowledge” in Badlands.

WoW SOD Skull Of Impending Doom

The quest chain starts from Theldurin the Lost in Badlands with the quest “Solution to Doom.” It directs you to go to Uldaman and loot a chest for a tablet of Ryun’en. This is located outside the entrance, so head to the more open deck side area in front of the instance portal, and you should find it. 

Next, you need to run to Ironforge or Undercity depending on your faction, where you will get a quest called “The Star, the Hand, and the Heart.” Grel’borg the Miser is located in the Alterac Mountains. Dagun the Ravenous, is located in Dustwallow Marsh. And Mogh the Undying is located in Stranglethorn Vale. 

Kill all of them and loot their items and hand in the quest where you got it from, and you will get the Forbidden Knowledge quest alongside the provided quest item, the Yagyin’s Digest. Hand it into the Theldurin in Badlands, and you have a very useful offhand with limitless usability options for all the content ahead.

6. Fiery Blaze Enchantment (Weapon Enchantment)

The last one is the Alliance-only Fiery Blaze Enchantment from the quest “Fiery Blaze Enchantments”.

WoW SoD Fiery Blaze Enchantment

This is quite a good one for melee DPS and alts for the future phases. The quest is very simple to complete. Go grab it and head to the eastern parts of Badlands to kill either the normal Scalding Whelps or the elite Scorched Guardians. They both have about the same drop rate, so I suggest you kill the Whelps. 

If you are a caster and don’t have use for this item, go do this quest still, since you can actually sell this enchantment for someone else. 

The item itself is not tradable, and you cannot put it into the auction house, but you can attach it into another player’s weapon in a trade window when the weapon is bound into the not traded selection. This will probably be sold for quite a good WoW SoD Gold.


Above is a list of good/handy quest reward items at level 40 for Season of Discovery Phase 2. If you encounter any difficulties in upgrading or completing quests, you may wish to check out IGGM’s WOW Classic SOD Boosting. There will be professional boosters there to help you solve your problem.

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