Top 6 Indoor Plants Benefits

Did you know that there are around 8.7 million species of plants and animals in the world? If you love plants, you have a plethora of options to choose from whether indoors or outdoors.

If you are looking for plants for your office or home, indoor plants benefits are worth checking out. Keep reading for the health benefits of indoor plants find out more here

One: Reduce Stress Levels

In a study completed in 2015, individuals were given two tasks. The first task was a computer-related task. 

The men completing the task were familiar with computer work. However, when completing the task they had an increase in their blood pressure and heart rate.

The second task involved repotting an indoor plant. During this task, the individuals participating showed a decreased stress response. 

Plants such as the Jasmine plant have health benefits such as relieving stress and more. 

Two: Sharpen Your Attention

Are you struggling to focus? Another study put plants in a classroom with participants. 

One room received a fake plant, another room a picture of a plant, a room with no plant, and a room with a real plant. Individuals in the room with the real plant had better concentration and were more attentive according to brain scans taken. 

Three: Recover From Illness Faster

Apparently, the flowers you take to your friends in the hospital do in fact help them recover. A study was done in hospitals where patients were recovering from surgery. 

Patients who were able to look at flowers or greenery while recovering needed less pain medication and went home sooner than those who did not. 

Plants such as the lavender plant have health benefits that include reducing pain, this could be a great one for those who struggle with pain to check out. 

Four: Boost Productivity

This is a great reason for low key office plants. A study in 2007 looked specifically at plants in the workplace. 

It found that individuals who had plants in their workspace were more productive and took fewer sick days. Bosses, time to start placing plants near your employees. 

Five: Improve Your Outlook on Work

If you are struggling with your look at work, grab an indoor plant. This study was done by interviewing Amazon employees

Natural elements, such as indoor plants, help reduce stress and anxiety. This is good for workplaces because less workplace stress leads to workers being happier and more productive. 

In the study of Amazon employees, workers who were near a plant reported higher job satisfaction and more commitment than employees who did not have plants.

Six: Improve Indoor Air Quality

Bamboo plants have indoor benefits including improving air quality. While there has been some back and forth about how effective indoor plants are at improving air quality, there is no doubt that they do help to some degree. 

While certain technologies might be more effective, it does not negate the fact that indoor plants can help. 

Enjoy Indoor Plants Benefits

Indoor plants benefits do not stop there. There are many benefits to having plants inside and near you. So go out and get some of your favorites today. 

Did you enjoy this article on the benefits of indoor plants? Visit the health section of our website to learn more about ways you can boost your health naturally. 

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