Top 3 Trends You Should Follow in the 3D Animation Industry

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3D animation is high in demand these days because it helps brands to promote their products and services appealingly, which, as a result, boosts sales growth and expands the customer base.

At present, 3D videos are the best medium to catch the eyes of potential customers because it promotes the products and services in a fun manner and stays in the back of the mind for a long period. You should not take this lightly because 85% of B2B buyers make a purchase decision after viewing a well-developed video.

Generally, businesses get 3D animation services from a reputed vendor because their needs change from time to time. Sometimes, they need cartoon animation videos, whiteboard animation videos, etc. 

Today, we will tell you about the top trends being followed in the animation industry.

  • Limited color usage

One of the significant 3D trends is to use the color palette in a limited manner. Of course, colors grab viewers’ attention, express emotion, and explain the true meaning of the message. However, using too many colors make the overall graphics complicated.

When you use a restricted palette, it allows you to draw attention to your 3D animation video’s key areas and maintains the rhythm throughout.

Usually, multinational companies use restricted color palettes in their animated videos to convey the message without compromising on their brand colors. If you also want to follow in their footsteps, it might be difficult for you to come up with a limited color palette, given that a gamut of colors is available to use. We advise you to get animation services from a renowned provider because their professionals will guide you on which color would be best for your brand.  

  • Logo animation

Animated logos have been in the trend for several years because a brand logo is something that customers keep in mind. In addition, they are likely to refer your brand to their loved ones. This is why logo animation is unlikely to go out of trend.

Motion designers try to come up with the best logo animations, and for the same, they combine multiple visual effects like morphing, expanding, spinning, concealing, and exposing. They even use CGI to bring life to their developed logos, and this practice lets them present the logos in an eye-catching manner.

So, you should follow this trend because site visitors always look at the company logo when they go shopping. Since we know movement grabs attention, so it’s wise to put your brand logo in motion. 

If you feel that logo animation is something that you shouldn’t be doing because it can negatively impact your business image if anything goes wrong, get 3D animation services from a trustworthy third-party company. 

  • Kinetic typography

Kinetic typography (or moving text) is another trend in the animation industry. With the help of animation styles, you instill life into the typography. When you watch a movie, you must have noticed the magic of kinetic typography because filmmakers use moving text in their films as opening credits.

The popularity of kinetic typography is increasing with time, so it is being used through various mediums. Nowadays, businesses use this on web pages, advertisements, product explainer videos, etc. Even they consider it for social media marketing.

This technique injects energy into a text to make it engaging and impactful. You just need to make sure that you don’t use content in bulk because it will kill viewers’ engagement. Plus, it is vital to be careful of the right tone and typeface.

If you wonder why this is in the trend, the answer is pretty straightforward: Its simplicity is what makes this a trend. Plus, it is easy to implement, which could be why businesses are more inclined towards this animation type whenever they want to spruce up the content of their social media pages.

Irrespective of whether you are getting animation services from an external company or taking the matter into your own hands, kinetic typography is the trend you should be following seriously.

Wrapping up:

The best way to promote your products and services has always been how you showcase them to potential customers. It is crucial because they are likely to convert quickly if you manage to leave an everlasting impression on them. As you can understand, this leads to enhanced business growth and quick customer base expansion.

With the help of this blog, we have put the spotlight on the top three trends that 3D animation companies are following these days. In case you are not from the animation industry but want to leverage 3D animation to take your business to the next level, it is highly advisable to get 3D animation services from a reputed vendor like Outsource2india as soon as possible.

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