Tips To Win Battleship Online

If you are not familiar with the game battleship, then you are probably missing out on the classic puzzle game. The game which was initially played on paper with grids has now been digitalized and has been made available for internet users all over the world. Even though you might find the game simple, there are certain tricks and tips which you need to be aware of if you are thinking of winning the game. This game includes a fleet of the ship and both the players play against each other hoping that they will defeat the opponent by placing the most number of ships in the ocean. In this article, we will be talking about the puzzle game battleship online in general and will also be sharing the tricks and tips which gamers can follow if they want to win the game. 

What is the battleship puzzle game all about?

Also known as sea battle and battleships, is a guessing game based on strategies played between two people. Played on either paper or board both containing grids and the key here is to remember that the location of the fleets is not disclosed to the opponent.  Players make the alternate moves and call the shots at the other player and the main aim behind this game or the result is one player will win only if he or she can destroy the fleet of the other player. Also referred to as the pencil and paper game which is connected to World War 1, battleship online is known globally for this reference. In the 1930s it was printed by several companies worldwide as a pen and paper game. The classic puzzle game has now been revamped into several editions including the battleship online among others.

Battleship puzzle game: the description

Played on four grids, the game requires two players. Usually, the grid is a 10×10 square and each square is denoted by both a number and a letter. On each grid, the shots are being recorded by the opponent but not before the player arranges the different ships present in the fleet.  On the other grid, shots are being recorded by the player himself or herself.

Before the game begins, players secretly arrange their ships on the main grid. Every ship occupies a certain number of squares on the grid and the ships are either placed horizontally or vertically but never diagonally. The places taken by a ship depend on the size of the ship and always remember that ships cannot overlap. Also, both the players have the same fleet of ships. Although there have been some changes made from the time the game was made released in the 1930s, these are the basic and standard rules of the games which are non-negotiable.

Tips to win battleship online

Just like every other game on the internet, the battleship puzzle game also has a bunch of tips and tricks which you can follow if you have been wondering how to win this classic game. Similar to naval fleets, the game at times is won even before the first shot is called by either of the players. This is why you need to settle your fleet of ships correctly. 

The trick is to hide your ships in such a way that the opponent player playing against you is unable to find your ships or segments of your ships.  The best possible way to place your fleet of ships is to place them randomly without following any popular pattern. The rest depends on the guessing power of your opponent and somewhat on your luck.

Make it a point to not place your ships close to each other. Make sure your opponent is unable to find two ships at once otherwise you will lose an extra ship.

The trick is to play asymmetrically to confuse your opponent so that he or she can on and keep looking for patterns even though they aren’t any. Do not copy placements or mirror your placements. Do not play your ships in the same position on either side, because that is also a pattern. The problem with patterns is that if your opponent can find one ship then slowly but surely, he or she will decode the entire pattern and reveal your entire fleet of ships thus you will lose the game.

Do not forget to place a ship on the extreme edge of the board because it has been noted that quite a huge number of people place their ships right in the middle of the grid. This move is so common that people start their search from the middle of the grid and in case you have also concentrated your placement of the different ships in the middle of the grid then you might land in trouble.

How to win a battleship online?

The trick to winning a battleship puzzle game on the internet is to become unpredictable. Do not give your opponent any signs and gestures following which your opponent will be able to discover your tell. The moment your opponent discloses your tell, it is only a matter of time before your entire fleet of ships is disclosed and you lose the game.

When you are playing battleship online, do not forget that this classic puzzle game has just been digitalized and there are no major enhancements or changes incorporated in the game. the trick is to remember all the moves that you used to use against your opponents when you played the game traditionally. Even though the puzzle game has been digitalized and made available on the internet, there isn’t any major difference. On the other hand, if you decide to play this game on the internet then you can avail this game from any part of the world with ease. Just make sure to opt for a website that is not only reliable but also genuine so that you do not end up getting hacked by cybercriminals.

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