Tips to score maximum marks in class 12 Biology

Biology introduces us to the captivating life forms around us. It reminds us of our origins. Class 12 Biology covers some intriguing and essential topics that are beneficial to us in our lives. It includes topics like reproduction which imparts important information about our bodies to us. The fascinating unit of Genetics and Evolution introduces the students to the knowledge of DNA, RNA, evolution, etc. Class 12 Biology also puts light on the latest developing field of Biotechnology along with other important topics like Biology and Human Welfare, and Ecology and Environment.

All of these topics have real-time applications in our lives and thus the students would find Class 12 Biology to be an intriguing subject.

Having said that, Biology is also quite an extensive subject that demands a lot of reading along with the skills to draw good diagrams. No doubt Biology requires a lot of memorization. However, memorization without understanding is vague knowledge that will not benefit the students in the long run.

Now let us quickly come to the point and talk about a few tips and tricks that will help in scoring maximum marks in Class 12 Board exams.

  1. Be thorough with NCERT:

This is one point that all students have been told a million times. But you do need to focus well on this point from the start. From the moment a chapter is taught in class, your preparation for board exams begins. You need to read your NCERT Textbook meticulously every time. Almost all questions in your board exams will come from NCERT books directly. So be thorough with the NCERT textbook.

  • Make notes:

As you begin studying any chapter, make sure you prepare brief, informative, and useful notes for each chapter. These notes should be made personally so that you retain them in your brain better. Make these notes eye-catching and informative so that you can refer to them anytime throughout the year,

  • Divide the topics:

Carefully analyze all chapters and topics as you begin preparing for the exams. Divide the chapter as per weightage and importance. If you have more time remaining for board exams, get thorough with chapters that have more weightage but are seemingly difficult. As you approach the board exams, get done with chapters that you are more confident with. This will ensure that you are at least thorough with the chapters you know.

  • Authentic study material:

During the course of your study preparation, make sure that you have good study material at your disposal to study from. The study materials that you will need to practice from are NCERT important questions, previous years’ question papers, and sample papers. These three things form your ultimate practice kit for your board exams. You need to practice from these over and over again till the time of your board exams.

  • Solve previous years question papers:

Once you are done studying the concepts and solving the question, you need to solve as many previous years’ questions as you can. This step is going to prepare you perfectly to write impeccable answers in your board exams. Gather question papers from at least the last five years. Buy yourself answer sheets similar to the ones you will get in your board exams. Time yourself and start solving one question paper every alternate day. Also, through these answer sheets, make sure that you plan how you will write answers in the board exam answer sheet exactly. Think about where your margin will be, where will you draw the diagrams, how many lines will 2,3, and 5 mark answers take. This allows you to get familiar with your exact answer paper layout for the board exams. This way you won’t have any confusion during your board exam.

  • Avoid stress:

If your preparation is on point since the beginning, there is nothing to stress about. And even if you are lacking in your preparation, stress won’t take you anywhere. Just organize yourself well as per the time you have left for the board exams. Get enough sleep each night so you are alert during the day and can prepare well.

These were a few tips that will help you prepare well for Class 12 Biology exams from the commencement of the academic year. You do need to take the right approach to preparation from the start to get thorough preparation and in turn, boost your confidence as the board exams approach near. Moreover, there are a few tips that will act as a boon for you during the exams. So there are certain things that students need to bear in mind while they are giving exams. Mentioned below are few such tricks that will enhance your chances of scoring 100 marks in the Class 12 Biology board exam:

  1. Read the questions well and answer suitably

Make sure that before you begin writing the answer paper, you have read the question paper at least 2 times. This will give you a rough idea of how you are going to write the answers in the allotted time. Also, make sure that each question is answered suitably as per the marks it carries. Keep marking the question in the question paper as you answer to ensure you are not leaving any unanswered questions.

  • Write in neatly organized bullet points

Biology contains important processes and detailed answers. Write these answers in neatly organized bullet points.

  • Underline keywords:

Make sure to underline important terms and keywords in every answer. This provides an impression to the examiner that you are aware of the topic being asked.

  • Draw diagrams :

Draw relevant well-labeled diagrams for 3-5 marks questions even if the question doesn’t ask you to do so. This again represents your level of understanding and clarity on the topic.

  • Revise the answer paper

Make sure to revise the answer paper a couple of times before submitting it. Look at the final answer sheet from the perspective of the examiner. The answer sheet should appear neat and organized. Revising will also let you be sure that you have attempted all the questions.

Presentation matters a whole heap to the examiner. So make sure your answers do not appear hurried and unclear. If you follow these strategies in preparing for your Class 12 Biology exams, you are sure to score exceptionally. Also, keep in mind the strategies to use during the exam. Practice these strategies while solving previous years’ questions papers at home. So, when you actually write the board exam, you are already a master at it.

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