Tips How To Professionally Play Slots in Online Casino 

Looking at people that are lucky enough to win huge sums in web casinos, beginner gamblers start asking themselves whether they can try to hit the big time. Can beginners learn to play professionally to win cash? What games should they play? How to choose those games? 

First and foremost, all beginner players should learn to choose high-quality casino sites if they want to make real money bets and win real money, too. Visit to learn more about online casino sites and how they work, and how you should evaluate their offers. Secondly, players should be aware of their level of skill and choose the games they are more likely to be successful in. Beginner-level gamblers should only choose games of chance, such as slots, roulettes, or scratch cards. The higher the skill and the knowledge of how gambling works, the more complicated games can be tried out for real money winnings. In this post, we discuss how to start professionally playing slot games. 

How To Choose High Paying Slots 

Slots are popular, and many gamblers prefer this type of game for betting and hopefully winning some cash. This category of games is broad and has many varieties — regular slots, jackpots, progressive jackpots, bonus buy games, etc. 

Choosing this type of game is easy if you know what to look for and what this must look like. The players should first and foremost pay attention to the provider, that is, the software developing studio that has released the slot. Not all providers are made equal; some are already more experienced, have more resources, and have more games. Some are smaller but provide an outstanding level of graphics, themes, or features. Other studios make only jackpots, etc. Knowing the studios, one can more or less make head or tail of the quality or expected features they will find in the product. 

The features that show how well-paying the game is are RTP rate, and volatility. The features that show how fun the game is are bonus features. 

RTP Rate 

RTP is the Return To Player rate. This rate shows how much of the invested money the player can in theory return playing this or that game in the long term. RTP rates are technical stuff and are decided upon by the game makers. The highest paying slots have 90-97% RTP rates. The lowest RTP rates can be seen in progressive jackpots — around 75%, but this is because progressives are potentially very well-paying for the winners. 

Beginner gamblers can just check out the tech specs of the game to see the RTP rate and decide whether the rate is high enough to be of interest. It must be kept in mind that the RTP rate indicated by the provider on their site can be slightly higher than the actual RTP rate of the slot on the casino’s site because some casinos take a percentage as their house edge. 


Volatility is the correlation between the frequency of wins and their size. Low volatility means frequent but small wins, and is good for playing with a limited budget, because it allows small bets and the player can play longer, meaning they have more chances of winning eventually. High volatility means higher wins, but less frequently. These games are better for players with a higher budget. Some developing studios allow customizable volatility in their software. 

Best Bonus Features in Slots 

Besides such more or less technical stuff like RTP rate and volatility, various bonus features can 1) make the game more fun to play instead of just spinning the reels 2) help players win more due to additional opportunities opened by bonuses. The most popular, widespread, and user-friendly bonuses include: 

  • free spins; 
  • respins; 
  • sticky/expanding wilds; 
  • bonus buy; 
  • gamble;
  • cascade wins. 

These features can make the game really engaging and dynamic, and sometimes help players hit impressive wins. 

No specific skills, knowledge, or previous experience is needed to play and win at slot games. The gambler just needs to educate themselves on how this type of product works, and read the rules and tech specs for every specific product. Next, they should play the game in Demo mode for free to get the feel of it, and voilà! They are ready to make real money bets and win! 

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