Three Reasons Why Net Curtains Are Bad and Three Fantastic Alternatives

It’s a wonder how a well-loved house item like net curtains in the past can fall out of popularity just like that. But many consider its drop in popularity as deserving because of net curtain alternatives in the market. Sheer curtains like these are just old-fashioned by today’s standard. 

But that’s not the only issue with net curtains here; the article lists three reasons why net curtains are bad. 

Materials Used

Net curtain is just what it is: A curtain made out of a netted fabric!

Sheer curtains cost little to any household. This means any home can own one near its pitiful windows. The secret of the inexpensive attribute relies on its material composition. Many available net curtains in the market have components of polyester as the main fiber ingredient for the curtain itself. 

The problem with polyester lies in its texture. Even polyester garments in the market have one of the roughest fabrics that don’t breathe. The loosely knitted production of the curtain does not make up for the breathability.


One disadvantage of using net curtains is the disability of being an insulator. The whole purpose of a net curtain is to allow the light to pass through it. At the same time, curtains do not allow outsiders to view the insides of the house. This is why people also refer to net curtains as privacy curtains. 

While its ability to allow pass light can be beneficial for illumination and security, it quickly gives rise to a heat-controlling issue. The sunlight that seeps through these curtains is not just visible light passing through it; it’s also the heat. 

The inability to fend off heat would result in poor temperature control, especially against the sun’s searing sessions. These loosely threaded curtains suffer the same failure to block heat energy that radiates outside during winter.


Most people considered net curtains to be good curtains until they didn’t.

Such a year was around the 70s or 80 when this curtain peaked its popularity and use. People often credit the increase in crime rate for the benefit of privacy curtains during these times. In terms of interiors, designers also associate the need for natural light in picking these ghastly curtains.

Modern house interior designs prove, however, that these curtains wouldn’t fit any contemporary styles in demand. Staying true to their name, these net curtains have an awful texture that resembles more of a net than a silky-smooth curtain. 

Three Alternatives for Net Curtains

Fortunately for the people, there are many alternatives for these vile-looking curtains:

Standard Curtains

What’s wrong with using a normal curtain? The problem with the curtain in question is it tries to solve house issues that result in mediocre results. 

Compared to net curtains, an ordinary curtain has a better chance of blocking heat than net curtains. Its opaqueness completely blocks the view of outsiders to preserve privacy.


Blinders are by far one of the most effective window additions that help make corporate operations efficient. This accessory contributes to a huge percentage in heat retention, which is heat control overall. 

What’s great about blinders is that people can toggle the blinder’s use on their will. 

Window Films

Among these three items, window films offer the best features that solve most of the net curtain’s issues. Visit for more details. The dark film not only helps in heat control but also allows privacy once these films are darker than usual. It still allows sunlight to pass through without ever requiring a curtain to begin with. All these qualities make it the best net curtain alternative.

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