Things You Should Know About GourdLords NFT

GourdLords is a collection of Ethereum of ERC-721 ERC-721 randomly generated.

Every GourdLords NFT produced by Magic Collective Studio Magic Collective studio is unique and is randomly generated from more than 150 drawn assets that have been hand-drawn using six characteristics.

These include:

  • 14 Backgrounds
  • 42 Head and Expression Combos
  • 42 Artifacts
  • 19 Wardrobes
  • 36 Hats

The GourdLords world is influenced by aspects of magic, fantasy, and mythical beasts.

The GourdLords ‘ roadmap includes the development of games from bottom-up and airdrops for holders. Metaverse-related items and more.

About GourdLords NFT

The group behind GourdLords is yet to announce who it is or what its investors are However, the website suggests a massive group of executives, artists, and cryptocurrency developers- each of them world-class in their own way. Bitcoin Up guides you in maximizing the earnings.

The bio on the site explains the multi-time founder of the project and the team consisting of “expert metaverse wizards, alchemists words wizards NFT necromancers as well as social media wizards.”

The project’s top artists are often credited with being the “masterminds behind many of the most popular characters in video games.”

The ownership of a GourdLord NFT comes with the following benefits:

  1. Free minting passes for future NFTs every when MagicCollective announces the release of a new drop. Mint pass holders are able to hold the pass, trade, or sell their mint pass, however, only mint holders who are active are able to take advantage of the future NFT drop linked to the pass.
  2. Access to exclusive giveaways including brand new NFT drops as well as merchandise. Each NFT is an automatic 1x entry to this giveaway (multiple holders can get multiple entries automatically.) Holders also get the right to vote for the use of the $50,000 budget for the community.
  3. The ability to join the GourdLords’s community leaderboard. the top 25 holders receive access to more airdrops prizes for leaderboards, other ways to share in the success of the project.

The most distinctive feature of the bunch is that owners of the first GourdLords to be which were launched in October 2021, receive the top-ranked order among Collectors in the MagicCollective community; Future collectors can join in the second tier of membership.

The GourdLords Roadmap

The Pre-Sale portion of the roadmap concentrates on exclusive giveaways, first online events, and opportunities for co-branding to increase visibility for the project’s social channels as well as the discord channels.

When 25% of GourdLords NFTs have been sold, $50,000 will be transferred to the MagicCollective.ETH wallet to be used for community-related purposes and also for the allocation of future projects. It is expected that the GourdLords holders will be granted voting rights to decide how they spend the money regardless of whether they are for the creation of new initiatives, charity initiatives, or for distribution back to holders.

After 50% of GourdLords NFTs have been bought, MagicCollective will release all rarities as well as all metadata to the public. 3 token holders receive an unidentified box worth $5,000.

When 75% of the GourdLords NFTs are sold they are verified GourdLords holders will be able to participate in another free minting event (excluding the cost of gas imposed to Ethereum.) Ethereum Network.)

When all GourdLords NFTs have been being sold off, MagicCollective will reveal new opportunities for collectors that aren’t yet announced.

Last thoughts: Are GourdLords legitimate and truly magical?

As GourdLords is still in its initial stages of pre-launch and pre-minting there are plenty of benefits (and some risks) in early involvement.

The GourdLords minting price has been set to 0.08 ETH plus gas costs It’s a challenge to determine how much an NFT will fetch on secondary markets.

It is apparent that MagicCollective is planning to develop a metaverse in the future This could mean that there will be a lot of additional features that will be added to the currently available GourdLords NFTs that are yet to be revealed (see our post about the bottom of development that includes a commentary by an official GourdLords representative.)

GourdLords will begin with the first mint date on October 21 2021. We recommend joining the GourdLords project’s Discord and Twitter to stay up-to-date as you can.

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