Things You Should Know About Erik Grankvist

It is human nature to always look for ways to improve the status quo, but have you ever wished you could just get away from it all and live in the woods for a while? Erik Grankvist, a Swedish YouTuber, embraced feeling isolated and built a cabin in the woods. Modern housing can be complicated, but he gives us a glimpse into the past when primitive peoples could build weatherproof log homes with basic tools.

Let’s get to know Erik Grankvist, who spent three years in solitude, building his off-grid log cabin from scratch with his own hands and without the help of any machines. We will also explore Erik Grankvist net worth, his life and career, and how he became the internet sensation that he is today.

How Did It Start?

At 17, Erik Grankvist was adrift in Stockholm, Sweden. Grankvist believed he had found a solution after watching the classic documentary Alone in the Wilderness, which follows the life of Dick Proenneke. The young man followed Proenneke’s example and ventured into the unknown woodland in search of a suitable site for his cabin. By using only one’s bare hands. All by himself.

Grankvist embarked on his Thoreau-like journey when he was 18 years old. He began working on the cabin full-time, armed only with a few basic tools and no prior construction experience. He had begun learning what he terms “the old arts” from his grandfather and mentor, Åke Nilsson.

He hadn’t planned to document the building of his cabin so thoroughly, but after receiving a GoPro for his birthday, he figured he might as well use it. Having been in the works for three years, Grankvist’s feature-length documentary demonstrates his perseverance, determination, and compulsive documentary tendencies.

YouTube Channel and Other Social Media Accounts

After graduating from high school in 2019, Erik began posting videos on YouTube about constructing an off-grid log cabin, despite having joined the platform on September 22, 2012. Throughout his films, Erik covers a wide range of topics related to constructing a log cabin.

Erik Grankvist is a Swedish YouTuber who began making videos ten years ago; his channel now has over 1.1 million subscribers. He has over 40 videos on YouTube that have been viewed over 104 million times by people worldwide.

Erik also maintains an active presence on Instagram, attracting over 700k followers. Over 1k people follow him on Facebook.

His YouTube Journey

In his earliest uploads to YouTube, he guides viewers through every step of building the cabin without using any construction staff or high-tech equipment. His off-the-grid log cabin was built before viewers’ eyes as he felled trees, laid a stone foundation, and installed a small solar power system.

The outcome is mind-blowing. Erik’s finished log cabin is an inspiration because it shows what can be accomplished when we set our minds to it. His log cabin is complete, and he has been living there off the grid ever since, all the while keeping his subscribers informed with regular video updates and how-to guides.

Erik’s videos in his traditional log cabin series have generally done well, but the following are by far the most viewed:

• One Year Alone in Forest of Sweden: Building Log Cabin Like Our Forefathers. A collection of all the important clips during his year building the log cabin, this video stands at the top with a remarkable 35 million views.

• 2 Years Alone | Building Log Cabin like our Forefathers. With over 33 million views, Erik’s second annual log cabin video is his second most popular.

• I Spent 3 Years Alone Building A Log Cabin. The video of Erik Grankvist wandering off into the vast Swedish forest with a rucksack full of hand tools to construct a log cabin is his channel’s third most popular video.

Erik Grankvist Net Worth

A precise figure for Erik Grankvist’s wealth is unknown. However, he is expected to earn around $2.12 million from YouTube ads alone. Erik Grankvist’s wealth may be higher than has been reported. Some estimates put Erik Grankvist’s net worth as high as $2.97 million when accounting for his several streams of YouTube revenue.

During the last month, Erik Grankvist’s channel has averaged 8.84 million views—roughly 294,670 per day. If he receives between $3 and $7 for every 1,000 views (the average payout), his annual salary would be anywhere from around $530K to nearly a million dollars!

Erik Grankvist Merchandise

Cool white and black sweatshirts, coffee mugs, and masks decorated with Erik Grankvist’s “The Great Outdoors” trademark are for sale at his online store. You can shop for his goods at In addition, he represents the outdoor apparel company RevolutionRace as a brand ambassador.

Erik Grankvist Family and Location

Erik Gravinst, born on June 13, 1999, is 23 years old. At 18, he gained fame when he set off into the Swedish forests with nothing but a bag full of tools to construct a log home for himself.

He may have abandoned society and his family, but they were never far from his mind. From what we can tell, Erik maintains regular communication with his entire family. There has always been some kind of family support for him. Whether by doing his laundry when he first set out on his expedition or by teaching him the skills he needed to complete the task he had set for himself, his friends and family played an integral role in his success.

While Erik won’t divulge his precise location, he has mentioned his log cottage in the “forests of Sweden.” We don’t know what animals Erik Grankvist presently has at his cabin, but in the first video he posted, it was evident that he had two dogs to keep him company while alone.

Final Thoughts

Erik Grankvist’s story is an inspirational one. He proved that achieving your goals is possible, no matter how big they are or how far away they seem. Even though it was difficult, he was able to achieve his goals and lead the life he had always imagined for himself.

We highly recommend checking out Erik Grankvist’s YouTube channel if you’re considering abandoning modern conveniences and living a more self-sufficient lifestyle. Although Erik didn’t talk much while making his videos, we enjoyed watching even the most stripped-down versions of his filmmaking process. The channel is fantastic for anyone interested in learning more about constructing an off-grid cabin.

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