Things To Know About Hydro Excavation Vacuum Trucks

Hydro vacuum trucks are used to dig for a variety of tasks. The spot you would like to dig must first be sprayed with pressurised water using the handheld wand before you can use the hydrovac truck. The soil will then be removed using a vacuum created by the boom. You can dump the mud-filled truck tank elsewhere and keep working after it has filled up. After the job is finished, you will be left with a smooth-sided pit or trench. 

The best safety features available in the industry are standard on hydro excavator trucks. The hydrostatic power for the vacuum in more current models is a more effective technology because it is simpler and does not require the use of a heavy clutch or gearbox. The operator will be able to concentrate on finishing the task. Additionally, it has a wireless remotely controlled system that allows the user to operate the following features even from far-off sites. A chassis engine powers a hydraulic engine apart from a piston pump for the water system.

How Does A Hydro Excavation Vacuum Truck Work?

Hydrovac excavation makes use of vacuumed air and pressurised water. The high-tension water tube and the vacuum hose are the two main parts that hydrovac trucks need in order to perform hydrovac excavation. In addition to these other features, soil and debris are transferred from the trucks’ large volume storage tank. Spraying the soil’s surface with highly pressurised water causes the soil’s particles to become loose and convert into a slurry. The liquid solution is sucked up using an air vacuum hose, gradually revealing the subsurface pipelines and services. Fan compressor air vacuums are used by most hydrovac trucks. This device can flow a lot of air, allowing for quicker excavation. The technology is also portable, simple to use, and reasonably priced. Strong hydrovac trucks have a 60-foot depth limit for excavation. Additionally, the trucks have a 600-foot digging radius. Even mud and icy surfaces may be handled by hydrovac vehicles.

The Benefits Of Using A Hydro Excavation Vacuum Truck

The benefits of Vacuum Trucks include the following:

  • Lower danger of damage: Other digging techniques include using pointed metal equipment that can pierce pipelines and cause more serious issues. Because metal tools are not used in hydro excavation, the risk is reduced.
  • Less disruption: Hydro excavation is an efficient technique that causes minimal commotion in the vicinity of the excavation site, allowing you to finish the job faster.
  • Safety for labourers: When using conventional digging techniques, a person must be in the hole to direct the machinery. Hydro excavation allows for the separation of employees and equipment from the dig site.
  • Hydro vacuum excavation is more cost-effective since it requires less labour and cleanup than other methods, which saves you money overall.
  • Now more than ever, completing tasks is simple. Digging the old-fashioned way took a lot of time and effort. The most modern techniques for excavating the soil are hydrovacs. As a result, their procedures are better than the conventional approach of digging the dirt. They are capable of carrying out a variety of tasks, including slot trenching, daylighting, plumbing work, directional drilling, civil and urban construction, utility finding, and potholing. Vacuum excavation provides a more efficient and secure alternative to conventional techniques. Due to hydro-development excavation’s efficiency and effectiveness, oil corporations and gas plants frequently utilise hydro vacuums for their operations.

Hydro Excavation Vacuum Truck Applications

Through technology, digging holes is done with great precision. With this comes the many applications of Hydro excavation trucks that have been shown to be beneficial when performed in the following procedures:

  1. Locating subsurface utilities using daylight and a pothole.
  2. Soil excavation for cable and pipeline installation.
  3. Easily remove dirt.
  4. Create a stacking hole for a variety of piling types.
  5. It digs in colder seasons.
  6. Renovate sewers and pipelines.
  7. Excavate in confined locations because the hydrovac truck requires less space to function.

What Kinds of Vacuums Can Be Used in Vacuum Trucks?

The hydrovac excavation machinery requires a vacuum source. A fan blower or a differential pressure blower are the two vacuum options offered. Faster excavations are possible due to the massive amounts of air that a fan system can flow. It is also simple to use and manage. The differential pressure blower is heavier and more expensive than a fan system. Compared to a fan system, a displacement blower can move air over longer distances. Due to this, excavations may proceed more slowly and to greater depths. Therefore, the fan system is used for the majority of hydrovac excavations.


Users can employ a non-destructive digging method that significantly lowers the danger of damage or injury called hydro vacuum excavation with hydro vacuum trucks. Hydro vacuum trucks and vacuum excavation have many advantages for utility maintenance. The advancement of technology made digging holes much easier and more precise.

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